3 Trends in Vinyl Vehicle Graphics for 2018

Vinyl Vehicle Graphics

Any good business owner knows how important it is to stay apprised of new trends. Therefore, today’s post spotlights 3 of the hottest vinyl vehicle graphic trends of 2017 to prepare you for a profitable 2018!

#1 – Customizing New Cars with Classic Symbols

“Tread-heads” and racing enthusiasts have always had an affinity for retro designs. Now, vinyl vehicle graphics put this old-school aesthetic in reach of brand new vehicles in the form of custom vinyl racing stripes and decals.

Evidencing the prevalence of this trend, new Mustang GTs and Dodge Challenges now come with the option of vinyl graphic additions on the fender.

You can also find the seeds of this trend on the silver screen. The iconic yellow Camaro “”Bumblebee” of Transformers fame featured brilliant use of broad black racing stripes, effectively working classic racecar aesthetics into a sleek modern design. Since the movie’s release, a number of the partners in our sign business alliance have reportedly gotten copycat orders for the same on new vehicles.

But not all of the demand for custom vinyl vehicle graphics comes in the form of stickered muscle cars and retro race stripes. Tribal is another classic graphic choice that won’t go out of style. The Ford Focus is one of many new vehicles that is frequently displayed in showrooms with a tribal vinyl graphic.

This trend of customizing new cars with vinyl vehicle graphics gives sign shop owners a number of different opportunities. Though many prefer to work directly with new vehicle owners, some shops work directly with car dealerships to offer the aforementioned custom vinyl packages. Explore some opportunities in your area and see what’s best for your business model.

#2 –Carbon Fiber Vinyl Accents

Carbon fiber vinyl accents were a hit in 2017, giving drivers an affordable way to stylize their vehicles after their favorite racers.

As any race fan will tell you, carbon fiber is a popular option for racing due to its light weight and stronger-than-steel durability. As such, they’re great options when drivers need to lighten their vehicles without compromising on safety.

Unfortunately, carbon fiber can be pricy; the high price usually limits its use to minor accents on mirrors, shift knobs, and so on. The end result – carbon fiber accents, peppered artfully throughout the vehicle – is recognized around the world as a hallmark of sleek, exotic, and high-performance vehicles.

But why spend all that money when you can get the same effect with carbon fiber vinyl?

Carbon fiber vinyl creates an exotic, high-performance look without an exotic, high-performance price tag. The cast vinyls used by Signworld business partners provide the look and feel of carbon fiber.

#3 – Vinyl Paint Replacement

Paint replacement is another European trend that caught fire in 2017. Most paint replacements involved black, matte white, or pearlescent “paint” finishes. This service is especially popular with those who wish to make their luxury cars even more striking and exotic.

Signworld’s start-up business package includes all the tools and training needed for in-house vinyl paint replacement.

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Signworld business partners are well-equipped to take advantage of these emerging trends. Members of our business alliance receive a top-tier sign manufacturing package that lets them meet all these custom needs in-house from day-one.

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