4 Tips for Retail Store Sign Design and Installation Success

4 Tips for Retail Store Sign Design and Installation Success

Sign design and installation are two of the most important aspects of your ground-level advertising strategy. They’re also mutually dependent; a shoddy sign won’t perform, even on a Times Square billboard, just like a brilliant advertisement does nothing for your business if nobody can see it.

In today’s post, the Signworld team shares 4 tips for retail store sign design and installation success.

  • Keep it clean and tidy. The old saying that “less is more” is certainly true of modern advertising, though that doesn’t necessarily apply to the level of effort you invest in maintaining your sign. One of the most basic ways to ensure your sign stands out from the competition is to be cleaner than they are.Make sure your main signage is fresh, up to date, and clean. Remove any design elements that distract from the main message, and ensure that all lights are working if your sign is illuminated.This sounds so simple, especially given that your business signage is the first (and often the ONLY) chance you get to make a positive impression and attract customers, but a surprising number of business owners fail to meet this basic level of upkeep. Next time you’re procrastinating on your sign upkeep because it’s too cold or your schedule is too busy, remember that nothing turns prospects away faster than dirty, poorly maintained signs!
  • Conduct some first-person research. Focus groups are a valuable asset for market research because they give insight from the customer’s perspective, which then allows the manufacturer to make adjustments to best suit the needs of their target audience. We can apply this same theory to assess the effectiveness of your sign design and placement, but without the group. Take a walk outside or a drive around the block to assess how your sign reads from a distance. You can pass your location at various speeds to ensure that the message can be communicated to drivers. This is an especially useful tip if your location has been open for some time, as it’s easy to lose sight of how new businesses can steal attention away from your setup.
  • Cut the fat (and the cleverness!). Like good writing, the best signage is clear and concise. Trim the fat away from your message whenever possible, and resist the urge to show off how clever you are with puns, as these can actually cost your customers. Remember, most of your prospects will give your sign nothing more than a passing glance. If it takes more than 2-3 seconds to absorb the meaning of your sign, it’s time to clarify the content a bit.
  • Nail your sidewalk placement. Sidewalk A-frame signs are a great way to draw foot traffic into your store, but they’ll be ignored outright if you set them up improperly. If you really mess up and block the flow of the sidewalk, they make even be damaged or taken away from you. Always make sure that your sign does not narrow the walkway too much, especially in busy areas. Importantly, you also want to place the signage to the right side of the passerby. This ensures that you do not clutter up the “lanes” with obstacles, and keeps it visible. Placing your A-frame to the left of foot traffic means people will have to look across a “lane” of people to try to take in your message, which is a recipe for disaster on a crowded sidewalk.

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