4 Trade Show Display Tips to Boost Your Event ROI in 2018

4 Trade Show Display Tips to Boost Your Event ROI in 2018

Trade shows are still one of the best opportunities out there for companies looking to enhance product knowledge, interact with potential customers, and launch new offerings. Last year trade shows generated more than $13-billion in business-to-business revenue alone!

But if you want a piece of that money, you need to take your trade show display seriously, which is why the Signworld business alliance put together 4 trade show display tips and strategies tips for better engagement and conversion in 2018.

  • Research the venue and plan accordingly.

    How large will your booth be? Will there be electricity available? Are chairs and tables provided? Are there any size restrictions for displays that you should be aware of? What’s the lighting situation?

    These are all questions you’ll need answered to make the most of your sign display (and avoid lugging a mega-banner or dynamic digital display that you can’t use).

    Generally speaking, trades shows regulate booth space using a 10×10’ standard. You may be able to rent more space, but this is the most common size for small and medium sized businesses. Plan to use as much of your assigned space as possible, without creating clutter or tripping hazards. You can consult a member of the Signworld business alliance to find a combination of banners, A-frames, digital displays, and decals that makes the most of the vertical, wall, or floor space you have to work with.

    If you plan to run a digital sign, make sure you bring extension cords. You may require a generator at some shows, in which case you’ll need to decide whether that rental fee and extra setup is worthwhile.

    Knowing whether tables and chairs are provided is crucial, since leaving these at home could potentially free up more transport space, which can be filled with other promotional materials or signs to help create the “branded environment” you’re after. Similarly, knowing the lighting situation will help you decide whether to bring additional extension cords and lights.

  • Ground your display with the “3-second” rule.

    The 3-second rule dictates that passersby should be able to identify your brand name and service/product within 3 seconds of noticing your booth. If it takes any longer, you’re likely “burying the lead.” Look for ways to trim the fat, or at least thread a single, consistent theme or message through your various display features.

  • Focus on one aspect of your business at a time.

    What differentiates your company from the competition? Uniqueness? Price? Customer service? Longevity? Quality? More than one of these might apply, but displays tend to perform best when they focus on sending a single message that’s clear and concise. Remember: your display components aren’t there to educate the passersby about every detail pertaining to your business – that’s what your brochure, catalog, and conversation is for.

  • Keep the clutter out of sight.

    Your booth is meant to project a polished and professional image of your business out to the world, which is completely ruined if your space starts looking sloppy and cluttered with junk after a few hours of trade show action. Coats draped over chairs; water bottles sitting on displays tables; and half-eaten lunches sitting next to your pile of brochures may seem like minor issues, but they degrade the overall look of your booth. Keep the space tidy at all times. You’ve gone above and beyond to design a perfect trade show display, so why throw that all away now?

Contact a member of the Signworld business alliance for more help with your trade show display.


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