5 Market Trends Affecting Sign Franchises in 2017

5 Market Trends Affecting Sign Franchises in 2017

Today’s post discusses the signage market in 2017. Read on to learn 5 market trends affecting our industry, and see how your sign franchisee can take advantage of these new developments.

Signage Markets Are Changing

Though the retail industry still dominates, signage is more popular than ever in corporate settings, education, and the sports, entertainment, and leisure industry. Signs being sold in these sectors are typically directional or wayfinding; franchisees who want to take advantage of these opportunities can specialize in this area and define themselves as “niche” companies. At Signworld, there are no rules, so you can pursue whatever market most interests you!

E-Commerce Is More Popular Than Ever

E-commerce refers to the virtualization of the sales process. Today, more people than ever want to shop online.

While most retailers (and even some sign companies) have seen this digital shift as a threat to their existing business models, but Signworld franchisees see it as an opportunity. Taking advantage of the growing preference for online shopping, our franchisees typically generate more than 50% of their business through their websites. Find out how our franchisees generate leaders, engage prospects, and convert customers online by visiting

Market Demand For Printed Signage Persists

The persistent demand for physical signage has surprised some proponents of digital technology who claimed that the Internet would completely overtake business marketing. While it is true that a large percentage of business marketing is now conducted in the virtual world, this has not really affected the market demand for physical signage. It’s not hard to see why; digital marketing is massive, but business owner is going to rely on it to the extent that they have an unmarked office or trade booth. Businesses around the country still consider quality signage to be one of the most important things you can do to legitimize a company and convert more passersby.

Signworld franchisees continue to enjoy high demand for finished products in the category of:

  • Posters
  • Backlit displays
  • Temporary, semipermanent, and permanent pop-up displays
  • Banners, flags, and backdrops
  • A-frame signage
  • Trade show materials and much more!

The Indoor Signage Market Continues To Overtake Outdoor Signage Demands

Market estimates suggest that the demand for indoor signage is more than double that seen in the outdoor market. Moreover, indoor signage profitability is predicted to continue to grow at a rate of 1.2% per year up until 2020, while the demand for outdoor signage may actually begin to drop.

Signworld franchisees have the tools, training, and materials available to them to suit any market shift, though our specialties in indoor signage position our franchise family to profit greatly from this current market trend.

The Demand For Short-Lived Retail Signage Continues To Climb

The retail industry uses high volumes of printed signage, and much of this has a very short life span. Consequently, retail trends have a noticeable effect on the overall demand for printed signage; new store openings, promotional campaigns, seasonal sales, store closures, and the rising threat of e-commerce all have tangible effects on how Signworld franchisees structure their sales.

Today, more than 90% of retail spending occurs in-store; E-commerce continues to grow, but people still like to browse and shop around. This means that “limited time” promotional signage that targets in-store prospects is a highly profitable item for sign franchisees in 2017. Franchisees who specialize in posters, PoP displays, and decals will find a lot of success in this market.


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