5 Ways Signworld Builds Business Owners

5 Ways Signworld Builds Business Owners

Thinking of starting a sign shop?

The Signworld business alliance can help you build your business on your terms. Today’s post explores 5 ways our strategic partnerships supports your continuing growth and profitability. 

  • Complete autonomy. In many ways, the Signworld business alliance resembles a traditional franchise system. As described in greater detail below, our opportunity includes a modern spin on the standard territory system, training programs, and support services offered by big brands in the franchising world.However, unlike these systems, we do not force your business to adhere to strict rules, pre-packaged marketing strategies, or even Signworld branding.

    Quite the opposite–you get complete autonomy, so you can name, present, and operate your business entirely on your own terms, even as you take advantage of franchise-style resources.

    In this way, we build true business owners who take charge of their careers and make their dreams reality, rather than franchisees whose success is contingent on the status of their Franchise Agreement.

  • Manageable smart-up costs and low overhead. With the Signworld business alliance, you can start your sign shop from scratch for only $210,000. In addition to this low start-up investment, our opportunity is very profitable due to its low overhead, small group of career staff, and minimal inventory requirements. And did we mention we do not collect royalties? You earn your money–you keep it! 
  • Smart territory system. Signworld business partners are assigned protected territories consisting of a contiguous cluster of zip codes that contains up to 3,000 businesses. That means you have exclusive access to thousands of potential customers, none of whom will ever be approached by another member of the Signworld family. In this way, we ensure our business partners maintain healthy local market shares, even as they look to expand beyond their territories via online sales.
  • A reliable sales “safety net.” When you join the Signworld business alliance, you get access to our proven business model and profitable sales channels. Since signage needs change by the season (or, frequently, by the day), a small group of 20-30 return clients can provide up to 80% of your sales, which eliminates the stress and demand of ongoing lead generation. And in addition to the exclusive access to 3,000 local businesses provided by our territory system, the Signworld website is designed to enable nationwide sales, so you can grow your profits as much as you like. Some of our partners make more than half of their revenue using online channels. Furthermore, many owners partner with other members of the Signworld business alliance to outsource special orders. We encourage these referrals to keep sales “within the family.” Taken all together, this makes for a reliable sales safety net that keeps your business profitable even during slow season or when trying to penetrate new markets.
  • Proven training and support. The Signworld business alliance provides technical training, operations training, sign-making and installation training, supplier training, point-of-sale training, on-the-job-training, on-site training, marketing coaching, and a bevy of ongoing educational resources. In other words, we provide everything you need to rise to the top of the signage business in your city. Not convinced? Consider this: some of our most successful partners entered into our system with no relevant skills or experience!Additionally, we provide franchise-level support services, on-site coaching visits, and weekly brainstorming webinars to help you break through barriers and optimize your business process.

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