5 Ways the Signworld Business Alliance Saves You Money

5 Ways the Signworld Business Alliance Saves You Money

Today’s post runs down 5 ways that the Signworld business alliance saves you money–not including our “no royalties” policy!

Low start-up costs

 The simplest way Signworld saves you money is by refusing to overcharge you in the first place. In doing so, we make it that much easier to climb “out of the red” and “into the green.”

With the Signworld business alliance, you can start a premium sign company from scratch for as little as $210,000.

The Signworld investment breaks down as follows:

$155,000 Signworld Package,

which includes your sign-making equipment and software; pricing and point of sale cloud-based software; 4+ weeks of technical, operational, marketing, sales, website, pricing, and human resources training; ongoing weekly webinars to help polish all aspects of your business; exclusive rights to a protected territory; design, layout, and decoration consulting; ongoing support, access to incredible annual conventions; and your Signworld fee.

$25,000 start-up expenses,

which covers your website; furniture; outdoor sign; security deposit; phones, fax, and copies; printing; insurance premiums; utility hookup; miscellaneous tools and supplies; and travel for training.

$30,000 cash reserve,

which you will retain to use in case of emergencies or cash shortfalls in your early months of business. This is another important way we help save you money–by setting aside this money early and “planning for the worst,” you can expect the best!

Signworld’s business model automates a portion of your sales

 Our business model is designed so that up to 80% of your sales will be generated from repeat customers, which saves time and effectively adds hours to the day that you can direct towards generating even more sales. Furthermore, many owners make more than 50% of their profit via website sales, which are mostly automated via eCommerce.

 Cut the cost of career training

 Self-starters need to spend a lot of time and effort to educate themselves for a career in sign making. In addition to the signmaking itself, they need to seek out training in management, marketing, office administration, sales, website operation, and more.

With so many disciplines to master, tuition fees add up fast. And this approach to education doesn’t happen overnight–you have to complete multiple courses, programs, or degrees, each of which can take weeks, months, or even years. All the while, you make $0.

If cutting the cost of career training is a priority, self-starters may opt for a “trial by fire.” But learning on the job usually  ends up costing a few repeat customers or sales–nobody likes to feel like your guinea pig or “practice dummy,” especially when they’re paying for high-quality work.

There’s a better option. Signworld’s training and support system covers everything you need to know to run a successful sign shop, and it’s all included in the initial investment. Additionally, you get access to continuing education via our owner’s website, webinars, and 3-day annual convention. This entire career training program can be completed in roughly 1 month, at which point you’ll be ready to start generating sales and making a healthy return on your investment.

 Save money with exclusive supplier discounts

 Signworld owners receive discounts on supplies that can save you thousands of dollars per year.

 Protect your profits with our smart territory system

 We give you a protected territory consisting of a contiguous cluster of zip codes which contains up to 3,000 businesses. Signworld will not sell or set up another sign company within this area. However, you are free to sell your signs anywhere, even outside your protected territory. Remember: our online business model lets you reach out across the country for customers.

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