5 Ways to Create Effective Signs For Your Retail Store

5 Ways to Create Effective Signs For Your Retail Store


Signs are front and center when creating a window display or a product display. Good retail signs tell the customers what or why they are looking at a selection of merchandise. A great retail sign can capture a potential customer’s interest just as a great headline in a newspaper can get someone to read it.

1)    Make Sure the Sign is Easy to Read

A sign is made to be read, so make sure that you make the reading of the sign easy. When planning the sign, try to think of how far it is from the person looking at it. This is a critical factor in the size of the lettering you use for the sign. Try looking at your existing signs to help guide you in your final decision. Also remember that words consisting completely of capital letters are harder to read than a mix of upper and lower case letters, and bold font is also easier to read than thinner fonts.

2)  Less is More

A recent study done by the Wall Street Journal has found that people were shortening text messages down to a couple of letters, initials and a single emoticon. Throughout society, there is a trend of people getting used to short, succinct messages. Try editing the signs in your store until you have as few words as possible. The “Seven Word Rule” is often quoted, and it means that when people look at a sign they will only be able to take in a maximum of seven words, any more are wasted.

3) Abide By Your Local Regulations

Be sure any signs up in your retail store abide by the local regulations. Many municipalities have certain regulations when it comes to signs. Ignoring these regulations can turn out to be expensive mistakes. Ask your signage professional what the regulations are in your area, and try to work within the rules.

4) Don’t Forget the Basics

Make sure a lot of your business’ information such as your phone number, hours of operation or even website URL are clearly displayed. If your customers come to your store or place of business when it is closed, providing such basic information can ensure that you will still be able to get their business at a later time.

5) Use Banner Ads

A great way to advertise seasonal events and sales in a less expensive manner would be hanging vinyl banners to the front of your store. Keep the wording general (“Christmas sale now!” for example) instead of using the specific dates and pricing or discount, which allows you to re-use the banners every year.


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