8 Things to Know About Banners Before You Buy

Know About Banners

Today’s post serves as a buyer’s guide for those interested in banners for their store, event, or trade show display. Read on to learn 8 pre-purchase considerations that’ll save you time and money.

  • How much does my banner weigh? Knowing your banner’s weight is integral for proper mounting and installation. Heavier banners will require different tools and accessories to support their weight, while lighter banners may be more vulnerable to wind conditions.Most banners use a 13oz material, though lighter 12oz and heavier 18oz options are available. Total weight will vary depending on the size you’ve requested. During your consultation, be sure to enquire about banner weight.
  • What kind of material do I need? Solid vinyl banners are considered the industry standard, used in over 90% of applications nowadays, but specialty products are available. If you’re using retractable stands, consider choosing an anti-curl material. For epic, super-large banners over 100 square feet, nylon mesh is ideal for its durability and wind-resistant.
  • How will weather conditions affect my banner? When deciding where to mount your banner, you may need to sacrifice optimal visibility for longevity, or vice versa. Excessive sun or elemental exposure can really take its toll on certain banners, so plan your purchase accordingly. If you intend to mount a southern, sun-facing banner, you might be better sticking with an affordable option that won’t break the bank to replace down the line.
  • How will I be mounting my banner? Most banners will need washers, well-set screws, and other secure attachments for best performance. Factor your unique mounting needs into your banner design to make life simpler when it’s time to install. If you require professional assistance, please contact a Signworld professional.
  • Do I want a warranty? Most sign makers will offer warranties on their banners, and they’re often a great idea to protect you against hostile weather and fluke accidents. However, if you want a warranty, there’s a good chance you’ll need to hire a professional to install your sign, as the manufacturer will not want to pay for your mistakes!
  • Do I want vinyl or digital printing? There are pros and cons to each option, but one of the primary factors you’ll need to consider is durability. Digitally printed banners won’t be as tough as vinyl lettering, but this is reflected in the cost.
  • Will I design the banner myself? If you’re a gifted artist or have a very simple sign idea in mind, designing the banner yourself is definitely an option, but this isn’t always the case. Hiring a professional banner design team may cost extra, but it’s a good investment to get the best possible graphics. If you’re already spending top dollar on premium banner materials, definitely don’t skimp on the design!
  • How many banners do I need? Obviously, you’ll need to decide how many products you want before you order them, but many business owners fail to think long-term. If you’re buying the same banner every year, consider ordering in bulk – not only will you cut out a yearly chore, but you’ll probably get a discount!


On behalf of the Signworld team, we hope these 8 banner considerations come in handy before your next purchase. Visit to browse banner samples or get started or your design now!


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