A Closer Look at the Economic Value of Electronic Message Boards

A Closer Look at the Economic Value of Electronic Message Boards

Over the past few decades, the electronic message board has slowly turned from novelty item to major marketing game changer. Today, you can’t visit a booming retail district without spotting a few, and there’s now plenty of compelling evidence for investing in electronic message boards for your business.

But don’t take our word for it. Read on to learn what makes these sign types a no-brainer for smart business owners, and why any self-respecting sign shop ought to stock them.

The Economic Value Of Electronic Message Boards

“It caught my attention and made me read the advertisement.”

SeeSaw Networks survey respondent.

In 2007, the Digital Out-of-Home Media Awareness & Attitude Study underscored the stopping power of electronic message boards and other types of digital signage, confirming that “digital signage advertising engages people, has high awareness, and is a compelling platform that advertisers can use to effectively reach people with their message” (p. 4).

Researchers conducted online surveys involving 1780 participants between the ages of 13 and 55.

Here are a few of their key findings:

  • Electronic message boards drive action. 51% of survey respondents reported taking action as a result of seeing ads on digital signage.
  • Electronic message boards grab attention. 63% of adults indicated that electronic message boards caught their attention. Additionally, electronic message boards ranked more effective than all other media surveyed, including billboards, magazines, TV, the Internet, newspapers, radio, and mobile phone ads.
  • Electronic message boards make lasting impressions. 62% of adults recalled ads on electronic message boards over the past 12 months. Younger adults exhibited even greater brand message and ad awareness, with 75% recalling ads seen within the past year.
  • Digital signage reaches people throughout their daily routines. On average, survey respondents reported having seen electronic message boards in 6 or more locations during the past week. Among college-age respondents, average sightings increased to 8 or more.
  • Electronic message boards stand out. 42% of adults said that they paid “some or a lot” of attention to digital signage advertising. In an increasingly crowded media landscape, advertising often struggle to get their messages to cut through the noise, and electronic message boards may be the key.
  • Electronic message boards are particularly effective at reaching young people. Audiences aged 18 to 34 typically spend less time engaged with traditional print media, but they responded extremely favorably to electronic message board advertisements in this survey. This group had 75% digital signage awareness; 50% indicated that they gave digital signage “some or a lot” of attention; 56% found digital signs “entertaining”; 57% found them interesting; and 63% found them unique (p. 8). If your business sells products or services to audiences in the 18 to 34 range, electronic message boards could greatly increase the number of impressions your ads make, which translates to more sales!

Putting Electronic Message Board Research To Use

Whether you’re looking to buy an electronic message board for your business, or want to expand your sign shop offerings to include more digital signage, the Signworld business alliance can help.

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