Are you aware of the impact signs have on your daily life?

Are you like most people who don’t really pay attention to the impact that signage has on our daily lives?  The fact of the matter is that signage has a huge impact on just about everything we do in our daily routine and without signs we’d have chaos.  Signs help us get to where we need to go.  In certain cases they tell us what to do.  They tell us what is available to us and compel us to buy stuff.  You would probably be surprised to know that the sign industry is a multi-billion dollar industry where billions of signs are produced every year!


Take a look around you right now…  There is a good chance that in the small area surrounding you, that you’ll find at least five items with logos or lettering on it.  Well, those items are considered signs.  Now, think about the last time you grabbed a bite to eat at the local fast food restaurant…  As you drove into the parking lot you were probably bombarded with signage, from the marquee or monument sign and illuminated letters on the building that featured the restaurants brand identity, to the windows that were plastered with with printed graphics of the newest burger or salad.  Let’s not forget about all of the parking lot signage that include handicapped signs for designated parking stalls as well as the signs that tell you where to go for the drive-thru. From that one building alone you were impacted by anywhere from 10-20 signs before you even stepped foot inside.  If there were 10-20 signs on the outside, what we’ll call the “bait”, you can only imagine the sign opportunity on the inside to get you on the “hook”.


The common misconception is that large companies produce their own signage.  The reality is that they don’t.  The main reason that they don’t produce there own signage is because that is not their expertise nor is it in their comfort zone.  Companies large and small rely on sign companies everyday to help spread their message through signage.  Signworld and it’s 256 sign companies nationwide have been working hard with both small and large businesses to help them increase their revenues by maximizing their advertising space and promoting each companies message through signage.


The possibilities for signage are endless and the collective need for signage is continually growing.  Ken Kindt, Jack Werner and the Signworld team has been a part of the sign industry and its growth for 24 years.  Contact us to learn how you can be a part of this fun and creative industry!


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