Beginner-Friendly Logo Making Tips For Design Amateurs

Beginner-Friendly Logo Making Tips For Design Amateurs

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to produce logos that drive sales. Today’s post shares some beginner-friendly logo making tips for design amateurs, courtesy of the Signworld alliance.

Quality Logos Boost Profits, Studies Say

The following findings were pulled directly from research by the International Sign Association (ISA) and Sign Research Foundation:

The bottomline is that upgrading business signs with quality logos boost sales, regardless of sign type. People respond well to quality logos–they help build brand authority and awareness, create better first impressions, and get sales promotions spotted more often.

So how do you go about designing the kind of logos that drive sales?

Logo-Making Tips For Design Amateurs

Whether you’re trying to DIY or preparing for a design consultation, the following tips are meant to help non-graphic designers create beautiful logos.

Consider Your Audience

Though some design principles are universal, “good design” is mostly subjective, and highly audience-specific. That’s why you should start every project by thinking about who it’s intended to reach. “Good logos” for businesses working in B2B sales with subject matter experts will look very different than those intended for a child’s tutoring service, for example.

All you need to do at this stage is to decide on who your sign is trying to reach. Having this tidbit of information handy will be very helpful during the design consultation.

Consider Your Brand

You know what your business sells (hopefully!), but have you established its character or personality? What about the brand values? This consideration also plays off the previous one, since a large part of your brand identity will be based on your target audience.

Write down what your brand, business, market, and target audience are all about. Try to personify your brand as a character, or think up a song that you might think of as an unofficial brand anthem. These exercises will help you understand your brand a bit better, which will help you choose colors, fonts, and designs that fit.

Make Color Choice Deliberate

Once you know your target audience and brand persona, you can choose colors that play to both at once. Reds evoke passion and love; yellows put people on alert; greens and browns feel nature-friendly; fluorescents are showy and playful. There’s plenty of research out there on how color conveys emotion, so dig in or ask your Signworld consultant for more information!

Keep It Scalable

Scalability is a great quality in a logo. That means it should look great whether it’s on a billboard or a business card. The secret here usually boils down to keeping it simple and keeping it in proportion.

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