Beginner’s Guide To Exemplary Franchise Signage

Beginner’s Guide To Exemplary Franchise Signage

Today’s post digs into some research on the value of quality on-site franchise signage, shares franchise sign design best practices, and points readers towards local Signworld experts for more help!

Make The Most Of Franchise Territories With On-site Signage

 Franchise territories are a major perk for franchisees, giving local owners brand-exclusive sales rights to large markets capable of building and sustaining businesses. The Signworld business alliance uses a similar territory system that gives each partner a protected territory consisting of a contiguous cluster of zip codes which contain up to 3,000 businesses.

Whether you’re a franchise owner or a Signworld partner, you want to make the most of your protected territory. And that means engaging as much of your local audience as possible. To that end, nothing beats attractive and strategically placed signage.

Well-placed franchise signs can expose local consumers to your brand approximately 50 to 60 times per month, according to studies by the ISA and Sign Research Foundation. So multiply the population of your protected territory by 50 or 60 to get an idea of the priceless impressions your sign will make each month. When you do, it’s easy to see why market researchers calculate the value of one on-site sign as being equivalent to 24 full-page print ads per year.

How To Design The Best On-site Franchise Signage

So how do you optimize your on-site franchise signage?

Eye-catching Franchise Sign Design

You want a sign that stands out, without looking out of place; it needs to be eye catching, but not an eyesore. Loud color clashes, wacky fonts, and obnoxious lighting might get noticed, but it’ll be for all the wrong reasons.

Instead, choose bright colors that reflect your brand, and pair them with contrasting color for great readability. Select a logo or graphic that’s clean, simple, and memorable–if your design has more than 2 elements, it’s probably too crowded. Additionally, you might consider some unique sign options that stand out, like projecting “blade” and digital signs. This is an especially good idea if you’re locked into existing brand logos and sign materials.

Contact a local Signworld partner for more help tweaking your franchise sign design.

Perfect Franchise Sign Placement

Some placement best practices just come naturally. For example, everyone knows to place signs up high where they’re readable by the greatest number of people. And “on-site” signage obviously needs to be right next to your location.

But other aspects of sign placement aren’t so easy or intuitive. Here’s a couple tips to avoid common mistakes:

  • Consider how your installation spot changes seasonally. That “perfect” winter spot might be completely obstructed by vibrant foliage in the summer months–or maybe that post-and-panel sign you bought ends up getting buried by the snow plow come winter. Make sure you assess your franchise sign installation spot with all seasons in mind.
  • Research city bylaws. Every city has different zoning bylaws that will affect your sign placement. Some cities ban certain types of lighting or specify installation heights.

Keep Franchise Signage Consistent

Like with your product, consumers look for consistency in franchise signage. This makes it easier for your brand to get spotted, and lets your location capitalize on the brand’s national marketing efforts.

When designing supplementary signage to round out your advertising system, make sure to replicate your brand colors and aesthetic where possible. Signworld partners offer precise color matching and logo design according to your exact specifications, making it easy to stay true to your branding with any new sign materials.

Find A Signworld Partner Near You

Visit the Signworld business partner website or call 888-765-7446 for helping locating a Signworld partner near you to assist with your franchise sign design.


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