Big Brand on Campus: 3 Sign Tips for Engaging Students

Big Brand on Campus: 3 Sign Tips for Engaging Students

Campus signage plays a major role in directing, informing, welcoming, and encouraging students. However, it can be hard to capture the attention of young adults whose minds may be preoccupied with exam deadlines and preparing for nerve-wracking social events.

So how do you engage student audiences on-campus? Today’s post shares 3 sign tips to help you make it happen.

  • Leverage the ubiquity of digital devices with digital signage.

    Increasingly, campuses across America are making the decision to include digital signage as part of their institution’s wayfinding and communication systems. The growing implementation of digital signage plays off the Millennial generation’s enthrallment with digital technology; simply put, college-aged kids are conditioned to give digital screens their attention nowadays. One recent study attempted to quantify the “ubiquitous presence” of smartphones in Americans’ lives, and found that more than 7/10 smartphone users, ages 18-29, check their device a few times an hour or more often, including 22% who admit to checking it every few minutes (McCoy, 2016).

    Digital signage is typically used to inform students of weather conditions, upcoming events, scheduling changes, and campus threats. To that end, digital signage is usually placed in central, high-traffic areas, such as student centers, food courts, dormitory lounges, libraries, and other popular hubs. Best of all, digital signage can be easily integrated into campus culture using high-resolution images, video, and color themes that honor your alma mater.

  • Diversify wayfinding signage for better results.

    Colleges and universities aren’t particularly easy to navigate, which is why most students need an entire week dedicated to “orientation” in order to get around effectively. Wayfinding signage can be a huge help when trying to find specific classrooms, gyms, student centers, food courts, dormitories, or computer bays, but only when it’s done right.

    While digital signage should be your school’s wayfinding workhorse, there’s no reason why you can’t supplement these displays with more traditional signs. In fact, for most schools, it’s simply not practical to rely on digital signage alone.

    Be sure to design your wayfinding signage in a way that coincides with the rest of your branding. Match the color, style, and fonts of your sign with your university crest, and be sure to stay in compliance with ADA regulations. If you need help with your design, get in touch with a member of the Signworld business alliance today.

  • Honor your school’s identity at every turn.

    Campus signage can either enrich your school’s identity, or diminish it. Remember: college signs differ from those used in airports, hospitals, and even businesses, in the sense that they must make residents, visitors, faculty, and staff feel immersed in the culture of the school at every turn. Thus, in addition to using campus colors wherever possible, look for opportunities to incorporate mascot or crest graphics, along with school mottos and other bits of culture.

Learn more about custom campus sign design, or find a member of the Signworld business alliance near you, by visiting today. There, you’ll find more free resources like these, as well as contact information to book a free consultation with a member of our team.


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