Business is Better Together: Top 3 Sign Alliance Perks

Business is Better Together: Top 3 Sign Alliance Perks

Though we offer many of the benefits of franchising, Signworld is not a franchise–we’re a business alliance with no rules and no royalties.

Today’s post explains why so many sign shops across America have partnered with us. Read on to learn the top 3 perks of joining a sign alliance.

Get highly relevant and responsive support on-demand

Independent sign shop owners utterly lack support. When something goes wrong, they have to figure it out themselves, which can tie up productive hours.

That’s not the case for members of the Signworld business alliance. We offer a comprehensive set of support services, many of which are provided by real sign shop owners who can walk the walk.

For tech troubles, Signworld partners receive online support where we can connect directly to your computer to solve problems and download solutions.

For equipment issues that cannot be solved over the phone or internet, we offer next-day on-site service.

For anything else, Signworld partners can log in to the Owners Web Site to query with 330+ owners and receive same-day responses. You can also browse our archives of previously asked questions and answers to see how other owners dealt with the same issues in the past.

Control costs

Joining the Signworld business alliance eliminates the “fear of the (financial) unknown” to promote better planning and money management.

Unlike independent sign shops, Signworld partners know what their start-up costs from day one. The total Signworld investment is $210,000. This includes:

The Signworld package ($155,000). All members of the Signworld alliance get access to our proprietary sign-making process, equipment and Point of Sale software, along with 4+ weeks of technical, operational, marketing, sales, financial, HR, and on-site training. Business partners also benefit from ongoing weekly webinars covering all aspects of your business, as well as annual conventions with 3 days of upgrade training. Additionally, we help with site selection and lease negotiation, as well as shop design, layout, and decoration consulting. The Signworld package also includes the Signworld fee and gives you a protected territory of up to 3000 businesses.

Startup expenses ($25,000). This money will be used to cover the costs of your website, furniture, outdoor signage, security deposit, office equipment, insurance premiums, utility hookups, miscellaneous tools and supplies, and travel for training.

Cash reserve ($30,000). The Signworld investment includes $30,000 of working capital to reserve for emergencies or shortfalls in the early months of business. Many alliance members never spend this money.

Knowing your total investment requirement upfront is a luxury that self-starters don’t have. As such, sign alliance members are better able to plan and manage their finances. This makes it much easier to control costs over the long term, and frees up capital for other investments.

Joining a sign business alliance can also help you control costs by creating economies of scale, and by getting you access to exclusive Signworld supply discounts.

Access collective knowledge and skill sets

All Signworld business partners undergo comprehensive training informed by decades of successful sign shop ownership and the collective experience of our entire alliance.

Training includes:

Technical training — 5 days on how to use sign-making hardware and software

Operations training — 3 days on sales/marketing, website/internet presence, human resources, finance, legal, products, materials, suppliers, and overall daily operations training

Sign-making and installation training — 1 day perfecting your sign-making and installation skills

Supplier training — 1 days visiting all 7 suppliers

Point-of-sale training — Ongoing weekly group webinars plus one-on-one time and video tutorial access

On-site training — 3 days of advanced training at your location, using all your equipment

In addition, Signworld owners get access to ongoing training and continuing education via our owners web site, weekly webinars, and annual conventions. Each of these provide excellent opportunities to network and pick the brains of your fellow sign allies.

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