What Can I Do With a Sign Franchise? Exploring Revenue Streams

What Can I Do With a Sign Franchise Exploring Revenue Streams

Buying into a franchise system is a big decision that requires a lot of thought and financial planning. With this in mind, the Signworld team has assembled some information pertaining to the various revenue streams that are available to new franchisees from their first day of operations.

As you read through this list of in-house production options, remember that we have only scratched the surface here. Signworld abides by an open, empowering policy of “No royalties, no rules!” which means that the sky’s the limit for entrepreneurial thinkers. Furthermore, many of our franchisees choose to increase their revenue opportunities by outsourcing work. You can learn more about our outsourced production opportunities by visiting

So let’s begin – read on to learn about the various revenue streams you can dive into on your first day in business!

In-House Production Options as a Signworld Franchisee

The Signworld business model and start-up system equips franchisees with both the tools and training needed to produce a wide range of premium quality signage in-house. Our company was founded in 1988, which means our training combines nearly three decades of industry expertise to put you at the top of your game. Moreover, our equipment package is a cut above the competition, allowing our franchisees to meet roughly 80% of the world’s signage demand with the tools they have on day one.

Our start-up training program and equipment package allows our franchisees to take advantage of the following revenue streams from their first day in business:

Vehicle Wraps And Graphics

The car wrap industry is growing at a tremendous rate. Business owners have taken note of the unique opportunities this service offers for mobile advertising, and this surge in demand is creating incredible opportunities for sign franchise owners along with it. Back in 2008, industry value was estimated around $220-250 million at the retail level, and these figures have continued to increase by an average of 10% per year since.

Though this market is growing, it is a far cry from total saturation, which leaves some excellent opportunities for new entrants into our franchise system to get in on the ground floor and establish themselves as trusted providers. Signworld franchisees are equipped to make vehicle wraps and graphics for cars, trucks, boats, trailers, helicopters, and low-speed planes from their first day of business.

Digitally Printed Graphics

Modern sign customers are looking for mass-customization options for graphic arts products. This demand is seen across multiple business sectors, and can be met by Signworld franchisees from their first day of operations.

PoP signage

Point of purchase or “PoP” signage is exceedingly popular in the retail industry, which continues to dominate in terms of overall physical signage demands. Signworld franchisees are able to produce temporary, semipermanent, and permanent PoP signage in-house, which positions them to enjoy profitable, long-term, and resilient relationships with large players in the retail world.

Flags And Banners

The demand for indoor signage is currently outpacing that of outdoor options, with a large percentage of indoor signage needs being related to trade shows, conferences, and retail store openings. Signworld franchisees are set up to produce top-tier flags and banners from day one, allowing them to tap into this growing market early on. Flags and banners are also very popular among non-commercial signage customers.

Safety Signs

Safety signs enjoy resilient demand; safety regulations are not going anywhere in any industry, and in fact are often more likely to increase in demand as policies become more stringent and new dangers are highlighted in the workplace. Take advantage of this revenue stream with a Signworld franchise!


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