Choosing the Right Sign for Your Business

Sign for Your Business

In 1997, the University of San Diego published the results of a landmark study for the sign industry. For the very first time, quantitative, peer-reviewed analyses pinpointed the real business results that quality signage could produce.

According to their research, the addition of one sign at every fast-food franchise in Los Angeles would produce a bottom-line business increase of $132-million.

In 2012, the University of Cincinnati’s Economics Center conducted follow-up research that fore grounded the vital role signs play as “silent salespeople,” able to brand businesses, inform prospects about new products and services, and direct customers to store locations. In light of these findings, researchers concluded that on-premise signs have significant economic impacts on businesses.

With these facts in mind, the value of effective business signage is clear. But how do you go about choosing the right sign for your business?

Today’s post presents a few key factors to consider when purchasing storefront business signage.

What zoning laws apply to my business?

Failing to consider local zoning restrictions is a major mistake. Every community has unique requirements that govern signage, and they may vary depending on which part of town you’re in. Zoning laws will stipulate requirements for your sign’s width, height, color, font size, materials, and content.

To find out about your zoning laws, you can check with your local Chamber of Commerce, or simply punch “[your zip code] signage zoning regulation” into a Google search. This simple search will save you a lot of headaches, including potentially having to scrap your sign and start over!

What kind of signage fits my budget?

Once you know your zoning requirements, you’ll need to work out a budget. Sign materials and labor costs vary considerably from one manufacturer to another, so it’s always best to book a consultation with your local Signworld Owner to understand pricing.

What kind of sign suits my demographic?

Like any kind of marketing, best results come from precise targeting.

Different signs appeal to different target audiences. For example, while digital signage may be comfortable and compelling for Millennials, they tend to have the opposite effect on Baby Boomers. Consult with a member of our team to find out which storefront signage performs best in your industry.

Working with a sign design company

One of the best ways to guide your sign selection is to collaborate with a sign design company. At Signworld, our owners highly trained and up to date with modern trends and industry research, and we’re happy to impart this knowledge at no cost! We are happy to help you choose a high-performance product that fits your budget and local zoning requirements.

If you’re interested in learning more about what’s involved in working with a sign design company, or would like to browse our selection, we encourage you to visit


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