Getting the Most Out of Your Custom A-Frame Signs

Getting the Most Out of Your Custom A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs, sometimes called “sandwich signs,” are the unsung heroes of the signage world. While it’s easy to get enamored by the high-tech wizardry of digital signs, or the old-school grandiosity of a big-ticket banner, the humble A-frame is one of the most cost-effective and versatile advertising tools out there.

When designed and installed correctly, they can drive an incredible amount of local traffic, quickly convey important information, and help businesses connect with potential buyers.

Today’s post spotlights the unique benefits and popular uses for A-frame signs in hopes of inspiring your next big marketing push!

Unique Benefits of A-Frame Signs

  • Perfect for Outdoor Advertising. A-frame signs are ideal for outdoor use. As long as they’re properly installed and weighed down with sand or water, they can stand up to almost anything that Mother Nature can throw at them.
  • High Visibility. It’s hard for passing foot traffic to miss an A-frame sign. If you’re walking down the street or sidewalk, you’ll pass within a couple feet of it, and most are designed in ways that naturally draw your eyes towards them. And since they’re placed on the ground-level, it’s much easier to safely read an A-frame sign’s message when you’re walking by in a hurry (or in a crowd).
  • Cost-Efficiency. A-frame signs are extremely affordable compared to traditional signage, with most priced at a fraction what you’d pay for digital options, neon signs, banners, or marquees. They are especially cost-efficient when you consider the fact that A-frame signs can last for years with proper maintenance.
  • Portability. A-frame signs are so light and portable that even a child could pick one up and move it. If you want to make your A-frame more permanent and secure, simply fill the bass with sand or water–it won’t be going anywhere! When not in use, A-frame signs fold flat for easy storage.
  • Versatility. There are many different A-frame sign configurations out there, and your design options are literally limitless. For example, you can opt for double or single-sided A-frames, and choose to have stationary or reversible slide-in panels. Each of these options have unique pros and cons that can be discussed with any member of the Signworld business alliance.

4 Popular Uses for A-Frame Signs

  • Sidewalk Advertising. A-frames signs are used most often as sidewalk advertising for brick-and-mortar businesses for all the reasons mentioned above–they’re versatile, durable in outdoor conditions, highly visible for pedestrians, easy to store and move as needed, and highly affordable. Panels can be changed easily and often to announce new promotions or seasonal changes. Two-sided A-frame signs can target foot traffic coming from both ways with the same message, or displays different information on either side.

  • Directional Signage. A-frames are ideal for event management, whether it’s a big private wedding or a massive in-store promotion. A-frame signs are commonly used to control traffic flow and guide guests towards booths, bathrooms, parking areas, and so on. A-frame signs can also be used to indicate which areas are off-limits, acting both as informative signs and physical barriers.
  • Vehicle Traffic Signage. If your business has a parking lot, or your street is always stuffed with traffic, A-frame signs can be used to convey important directional or safety info. Since most are made of resilient plastic, they can endure all kinds of nasty weather, and even absorb the occasional fender hit without being any worse for wear. Adding reflective decals can be a good idea to increase visibility in shaded or low-light areas.
  • Neighborhood Safety Signs. Not all A-frame signs are used in business contexts. These signs appear in many residential neighborhoods to remind drivers of the speed limit, or inform them to slow down because there are “children at play.” Again, adding reflective decals is a great option.

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