Guide to the Perfect Lobby Sign

Guide to The Perfect Lobby Sign


One of the interesting facts about the sign industry today is that there are new technologies and methods of creating signs that appear luxurious while costing little. It takes creativity, the right equipment and expertise to pull off manufacturing the perfect lobby sign. Lobby signs are commonly overlooked but, are important when you are trying to create a first impression in the mind of your customer. Here at Signworld, using our expertise and technology we can create the perfect lobby sign for your business. We have also provided a handy guide when you decide to bring a lobby sign to your business.

1.    The Right Size – Make sure that the size of your sign is appropriate for the area of the business you will be placing it in. Signs that are too big can dwarf the area, and signs that are not big enough can be easily ignored. Keep in mind that keeping your sign small in size can affect the way your visitors view your business.

2.    The Right Color – The use of color should match your brand’s identity. Especially when creating a lobby sign, it is of the upmost importance to have a sign that is consistent with the color code of your brand.

3.    The Right Textures – Having a variety of textures being used in your sign can be appealing to potential customers. Do not be afraid to experiment and use different materials such as slate or brick for a rustic atmosphere or stainless steel to have a more modern or contemporary look.

4.    The Right Materials – New technology has enabled many sign professionals to offer lighter and cheaper alternatives to the mainstream heavy and expensive manufactured signs. Custom signs can be created out of many materials. At Signworld we take into consideration many different factors such as height, humidity and the surround area when designing a lobby sign.

5.    The Right Lighting – In areas of your place of business that might have bad lighting or where the lobby sign may be under a shadow, paying attention to the lighting could make a difference. Adding lighting can turn a plain sign into something easily noticed by potential customers. This lighting can be placed in the front, can be backlit or can be a glow that comes from behind.

Creating a lobby sign and displaying it in a store can cause a good view of the company from the potential customers. Working with a professional signage company can help you create a memorable lobby sign that can best represent your brand and help you create a great first impression on your potential customers.


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