How COVID-19 Affects New Entrants To The Signage Industry

How COVID-19 Affects New Entrants To The Signage Industry

Thinking about starting a sign business during COVID-19?

“Launching a startup during a global pandemic is challenging,” writes Nicole Fallon in a recent article for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce website. “But it’s not impossible.”

Some industries have it easier than others, but few have the growth potential and pandemic resilience of modern sign shops. Today’s post explains what makes sign shops “pandemic-proof.”

Read on to see how our opportunity meets all the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s criteria for COVID-19 start-up success, or call 888-765-7446 to speak with a Signworld representative straight away.

Sign Shops Escaping The Worst Of COVID-19 Economic Pressure

According to Fortune, the economic pressures of COVID-19 have forced more than 100,000 business owners to close their doors permanently. But not all industries are suffering—in fact, some companies are experiencing soaring growth due to COVID-19.

“Certain businesses are better suited to the current climate than others,” writes Fallon. To illustrate her point, Fallon points to cleaning services, online fitness providers, and mask-makers, but sign shops may be poised for even greater growth in 2020-2021.

[sc_fs_faq html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”What Makes Signworld Sign Business Opportunities “Pandemic-Proof”? ” img_alt=”” css_class=”ct-faq”] Looking over the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s tips for starting a business during a pandemic, the value of sign shops shines through: [/sc_fs_faq]

  • “Think about what consumers need right now”—Business owners now rely on COVID-19 policy/safety signage more than ever.Sign shops hold the key for local business continuity, and many Signworld partners have expanded into sneeze guards, cashier shields, and sanitizer stations.
  • “Develop a good digital marketing strategy”—Though we cannot not speak for the sign industry as a whole, Signworld partners receive full training and support on digital marketing, professional website creation, and online sales. In fact, even pre-pandemic, many of our partners generate more than 50% of their total revenue via online sales.
  • “Connect with consumers on social media”—Our modern sign shops meet consumers on their favorite social channels to share valuable information, answer customer questions, and showcase their work. All new investors receive full training on how to set up, manage, and optimize the “Big Five” social media channels.
  • “Create a long-term, recession-proof business plan”—Long before COVID-19 started, and long after it’s over, local businesses will need signage. But even while the COVID-19 threat period drags on, sign shops stay “pandemic-proof,” thanks to our designation as part of America’s critical infrastructure.
  • “Be flexible and stay positive”—That’s been our mantra since 1988, when our business opportunity was established by Ken Kindt. Our flexible, positive, and empowering business model has been key for keeping us at the top of the signage industry, and for facilitating the growth of our business alliance. Today, we have more than 330 members, all of whom continue to operate in varying capacities during COVID-19, thanks to our established online sales channels and rapid adoption of CDC pandemic protocols.

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