How To Use The Color Wheel For Easy Sign Design

How To Use The Color Wheel For Easy Sign Design

Sign design truly matters. We here at SignWorld will present information regarding how to use the color wheel in regard to your sign design, due to the reality that color does really impact the success of your sign design and the image that a business portrays.

Prime Importance

When deciding to do sign design, the colors of the sign are without dispute of prime importance. Consider, for instance, that the color red is often used when there is a desire to express energy and excitement. Then when there is a desire to portray security as well as trust, it is good to apply blue. You will notice that blue is frequently applied in financial organizations as well as in hospitals. Therefore, it is evident that it is wise to give consideration to the colors that you select for your sign design in order to communicate the intended message and ambiance of a business in an appropriate and successful manner.

Formulate An Impression

People immediately notice the colors that are applied to sign design. The colors do indeed formulate an impression of a brand, business, product or service instantaneously. You need to ensure that the colors that you use from the color palette are appealing and balanced for each particular situation. The wrong colors that are applied to sign design could be repulsive to consumers. But when the colors are done correctly for sign design, people then are more interested in the business, brand, service or product.

Use Warm Colors

Warm colors are appropriate for your sign design when there is a desire to express positiveness as well as excitement. For example, if the sign design is for the purpose of creating a menu, then it is truly powerful to apply hues of the color red. Orange is another terrific color, as it portrays energy and vibrancy. Then when you want to promote joy, brightness, happiness and warmth, yellow stands out as the optimal choice.

Use Cool Colors

Blue is a primary cool color and it can promote a sense of trust. You can lighten or darken the color of blue to convey different ideas. For example, a lighter blue demonstrates friendliness, while a dark blue indicates reliability as well as strength. You should also use secondary colors that are cool. It is appropriate to use green to promote freshness as well as growth. Then purple as a secondary cool color is often used to portray luxury as well as creativity.

Helpful For Planning

The color wheel is helpful when it comes to planning your sign design. Various colors can produce different effects for consumers. Thus, typically, when it comes to the process of sign design, you will select at least two colors from the color wheel. More colors may be selected if desired. The colors will be applied to the graphics, the text, the background as well as the images.

If the sign design is for the sake of creating a sign for the office space of a business, naturally the concentration of the usage of colors should be in regard to branding. In such a case that the sign design is for a restaurant, then it is wise to apply colors that will coincide well with the brand of the restaurant, while at the same time being appealing to promote delicious food. When you need to implement sign design for a bank, the colors that you select should portray reliability and authority. The right colors can achieve your intended goals for all your sign design projects.


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