Importance of Signs in the Restaurant Industry


Importance of Signs in the Restaurant Industry


Across an assortment of industries, digital technologies are becoming prevalent in how a business communicates with their clientele. Whether it’s in retail, malls, corporations, or universities, digital signage is being used across all these as a way to effectively integrate existing technologies into the day-to-day business. This not only attracts eyes and attention but serves to show the customer that you’re up to date with the latest in business communications. The restaurant industry is no different.


Signs are of utmost importance in the restaurant industry as they serve to communicate aspects such as the menu, weekly specials, and general information about the business. When digital signage is used correctly in this regard, it can serve to accomplish three things; a) improve branding, b) reduce perceived wait time, and c) ease a customer’s exit.


Customers expect to have signs in a restaurant environment and are more accustomed to accepting them as important pieces of information.  Digital signage goes a step beyond the typical and serves as a way to instantly engage customers by attracting attention within seconds. Effective digital signage in a restaurant will help increase brand awareness as well as influence purchase decisions.


There are several different ways that signs can be used within the context of a restaurant – to communicate the menu or menu specials, to feature special events that are being put on at the restaurant, and/or to help influence the atmosphere of the venue. In a restaurant environment where customers are more focused on their food and having a great time, one doesn’t want to distract from that. This is important. This is why it’s best to use digital signage in a form where it supports rather than distracts.


Placement of the sign is key as well in order to maximize its effectiveness. Many restaurants choose to place their signs at the front desk or in the walk-way towards the tables. This gives your customers an opportunity to distract themselves with your digital signage as they wait to enter or to exit as well as can help inform them of restaurant specials or events coming up. Target your message. Make it count. Doing so will ensure that a customer doesn’t leave angry.


Multiple signs of various sizes are commonly used in restaurants however, depending on the size, no more than three should be used in the overall design. Less is often more. If a restaurant already has at least one television set up, multiple digital signs that are constantly featuring slideshows of new information can prove to be very distracting from a customer’s meal.


The great thing about digital signage is that the owner of the restaurant doesn’t need to be at the location in order to change it. Changes can be made from a remote location. This ensures that, should the owner have multiple locations, that they know precisely what is being featured at every location. This capacity to operate digital signage remotely is a huge advantage for anyone overseeing responsibility over a restaurant.


Implementing digital signage in quick service restaurants and cafes can allow businesses the opportunity to alter customer behavior at the point of sale and allow for huge up-selling and cross-selling. Digital signage is worth the investment for any restaurant owner and will help save effort spent on creating non-digital displays. With a digital sign, one simply has to take a few seconds to input what they want featured. It’s as simple as that. More and more restaurants are abandoning traditional signage in favor of digital displays that give owners more freedom and more space to advertise.



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