Inside the Signworld Business Alliance: Training and Support Facts

Inside the Signworld Business Alliance: Training and Support Facts

The Signworld business alliance is not a franchise system–we charge no royalties and impose no rules–but our training and support puts plenty of franchises to shame!

Today’s post runs down 3 surprising facts about the training and support our sign business partners receive

  • No sign-making experience required. One of the facts about our sign alliance that people find most surprising is that you do not need any experience to join. This is partly because our proven business model works for anyone with the right attitude and resources, but even more so because our training is top notch.

    You will spend 5 days learning about sign-making hardware and software so that you can create stunning original graphics and handle all your equipment with confidence. This training is supplemented by 3 days of on-site teaching, where we set up all your equipment for you and walk you and your staff through the manufacturing process. You’ll also complete an additional full day of training focused on sign-making, finishing, and installation, plus 3 additional days of operations training.If you’re concerned that this won’t be enough to bring you up to speed, consider this: some of our most successful sign shop owners joined our business alliance without any relevant experience.

    Our comprehensive training program is supplemented by unparalleled support services, which include next-day on-site equipment services, coaching visits, and anytime advice from our 330+ sign shop owners.

    Of course, not all of our sign shop owners like to work on the front lines. Some prefer to focus entirely on sales, advertising, and vendor relations, leaving the sign manufacturing to their highly trained staff and outsourcing some jobs entirely.

    Whatever you choose, you can do so with full confidence. Our system is built to work whether or not you want to make signs yourself.

  • You can learn as much or as little as you want. Our business alliance imposes no rules on owners, so you’ll never be forced to attend additional training or annual conventions once your pre-opening requirements are complete.But if you want to level up your skills, introduce new products/services, or otherwise stay on the cutting edge of the industry, we offer endless opportunities for continuing education. In addition to our annual convention offering 30+ seminars on how to improve operations and earn more money, we provide weekly webinars to keep our owners apprised of any new developments, emerging best practices, and exciting opportunities in the industry. And there’s always edifying conversation to be found on our Owner’s Domain, where 330+ sign shop veterans share ideas and industry news.
  • We take owner support seriously. Just as our training covers all aspects of your business, so too do our support services. We can connect directly to your computer and fix software problems; we provide next day on-site service for any sign equipment issues that can’t be resolved over the phone or online; and in-person coaching visits are only ever a phone call away.

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