Interior Signage Is not Only Helpful but Also Mandatory

Interior Signage Is not Only Helpful but Also MandatoryCompared to signs that are used outdoors, interior signs tend not to get as much creative thought from companies. However, the outside signs are actually less important than what is on the inside. Even if the signage is just showing people how to get elsewhere in a large or small building, there is an array of creative designs that can be used with interior signage.

Lobby Signs


Without requiring personal help, you can make your company appear more welcoming when you use more interior signs. Let’s start with the lobby. When you first enter a business, you set the mood for your customers with a lobby sign featuring your business’s logo. Or, you can garner instant attention with some other customized lobby sign. These signs should not have any other distractions around them. They should stand alone. You have a better chance of your sign making a statement and standing out if there is blank wall space around it.

Wayfinding Signs


In helping people find their way around, wayfinding signs are the most used type of interior signage. If you have a building with multiple departments and numerous floors, they are indispensable. Or, if you have products located in certain sections or multiple suites, wayfinding signs can also be used on a single floor plan. A wayfinding sign that uses arrows to show where different departments are located is popular.

Placed on a wall or stand, general directories are also a type of wayfinding sign. Though it is preferable to keep your signage as easy to understand as possible, they can be customized to give as much detail as needed. To help people find their way, all that is really needed is the section number or floor and the name of a department. You will also want to indicate where the restrooms are located.

ADA Signs


With the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a whole host of regulations and laws were put into place requiring businesses to make their building accessible to those with disabilities. You want to make visitors to your building feel as welcome as possible. This includes adding braille below indoor signage and providing signs that outline exit routes for people in wheelchairs. Signworld companies are well-versed in state, federal, and local laws and will keep you from getting fined.

Promotional Signs


Blank windows and walls in your building provide a great opportunity for you to promote just about anything. You can make company initiatives stand out or just add decorative signage for the holidays. Busy walkways are an ideal place for these types of interior signage. Whether you are promoting something temporarily or long term, promotional signs are a great option.

All of these interior signage types are completely customizable. Plus, there are many other varieties that are not listed above. Signworld companies pride themselves on being able to meet the needs of all of their clients.

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