Join the Signworld Business Alliance: Inside the Validation Process

Join the Signworld Business Alliance: Inside the Validation Process

Today’s post is for anyone who’s considered joining the Signworld business alliance. Read on to learn about what it takes to join our network, and what to expect during the validation process.

Am I “Financially Valid”?

Before you get started with the Signworld business alliance’s validation process, ensure that you have enough savings to be eligible.

Signworld’s standard start-up cost is $195,000, which includes an estimate $20,000 in startup expenses and an additional $25,000 cash reserve.

Startup expenses include the costs of your website, office furniture and equipment, security deposits, insurance premiums, utility hookups, training-related travel, building costs, and associated fees. The cash reserve is simply a chunk of liquid capital for you to use to cover unexpected costs, or foot the bill to respond to emergent threats and opportunities.

The remaining $150,000 covers your Signworld package, which includes:

  • Sign-making equipment and software;
  • Cloud-based pricing and point-of-sale software;
  • Complete sign business training;
  • Lifetime access to our ongoing webinars and online learning resources;
  • Inclusion in our protected territory program;
  • Support with office site selection and lease negotiations;
  • Consultations and support for office design, layout, and decoration;
  • Attendance to annual conventions with more continuing education opportunities than you can attend;
  • Signworld’s franchise fee.

If you need assisting with funding, or want to explore some of the discount opportunities that may be available in your area, get in touch with one of our representatives at to learn your options.

Inside Signworld’s Validation Process

Once you have the means ready to invest, it’s time to start the validation process and see whether the Signworld business alliance is a good fit.

  • Make an introductory call with our corporate team. A member of our corporate team will guide you through our complete discovery and validation process, starting with this introductory call. And don’t expect to talk to a salesperson – we’re simply trying to get to know you, and tell you exactly what to expect as a member of our business alliance.
  • Learn the truth about our business alliance from active members. We encourage all interested investors to get information “straight from the horse’s mouth,” which means candid conversations with current owners, where they can ask whatever they want. This promotes exactly the kind of transparency and supportive family dynamic that our brand is all about.
  • Sit in on our Public Webinars. Every few weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to attend one of our online webinars where a panel of owners donate their time to answer any and all questions that future owners have.
  • Drop in and see how a Signworld business operates. Visit real offices owned by members of the Signworld business alliance to oversee the ins and outs and get a complete picture of what you’re signing up for. Spend time with the owner and ask any questions you can think of.
  • Attend our Discovery Day. Discovery Day is a monthly event focused on providing future members of the Signworld business alliance with everything they need to make informed decisions. Take tours of our offices, watch demos, participate in live Q&A sessions, and take advantage of networking opportunities with other Signworld owners.

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