Ken Kindt Applauds Andy and Helen Krivy of Infinity Signs NW

Andy and Helen Krivy

Laguna Hills, CA– Ken Kindt, the President and Founder of Signworld, today congratulated Andy and Helen Krivy of Infinity Signs Northwest, a Signworld operation in Boise, ID for the recent work they did for the Gardner Company, a commercial developer that is about to break ground on a massive building in the heart of Boise.
Ken Kindt said, “Andy, Helen and their team at Infinity Signs Northwest designed, printed and installed over 1000 sq. ft. of graphics that where applied to the security wall surround the massive site on the corner 8th St. and Main St. in downtown Boise.”
Infinity Signs also produced a 25 foot tall printed mock up of the building design that was unveiled during the ground-breaking ceremony in which the Mayor, Developers and the local news where all in attendance to commemorate the event as well as the Mayor’s new plan to defer impact fees for new commercial construction for the next six months.
When asked of how they were awarded the opportunity to work with the developer on this project, Owner of InfinitySigns, Andy Krivy said, “We were referred by the listing agent on the property. The Gardner Company told the agent what was needed and the timeline for the project, and the agent recommended us stating that we were the only sign company he could trust to get the job done in the area.”
When Andy was asked about the project, he responded with, “It was a great project with a great outcome. We were happy with the output and more importantly, the customer was extremely happy with what they had received. The best part about it, is that our signage was shown all over the evening and nightly news here in Boise!”
“I, on behalf of the whole Signworld family, congratulate Andy and his team for these marvelous works”, said Ken Kindt.


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