Ken Kindt Introduces New Signworld Owner For Lake Forest Illinois

Joe Paulsen just completed the initial training program and will soon open the doors to Beacon Sign Solutions.


According to Ken Kindt, “Joe realized how important small businesses will be in our economic recovery, and that Signworld was uniquely positioned to offer a vital product and service needed by this sector.” When asked about why Joe Paulsen was a good fit for Signworld, Jim Raubolt said, “As a senior executive with in-depth marketing and consulting experience, Joe knew he could easily communicate the sign and advertising value to his customers. After getting to know Joe and the high expectations he had, I knew that Signworld would offer him the opportunity to achieve every one of the lifestyle, financial and business goals set by Joe.” “We are extremely excited to have Joe as a part of the Signworld Family! He brings a passion for marketing and a strong desire to help his future customers find the right sign solution. We look forward to working hard and helping Joe and his family achieve the success that they expect out of their new small business.” said Jack Werner. “We have been planning to increase our foothold in Illinois and the placement of Joe Paulsen as a Signworld owner in Lake Forest is a welcome addition. We thank and congratulate Jim for this effort.” says Ken Kindt. Praising Jim for being a valuable contributor in expanding the Signworld family, Ken Kindt says, “Clear Choice Franchising has been instrumental in helping individuals determine if becoming a franchise owner is right for them and if so, which one. Their expert team does a thorough evaluation of the concerned candidate and guides them towards enrolling for the franchise that best fits their scheme of things. “Jim has identified many individuals and guided them to be a part of Signworld family and in turn giving a boost to the Sign industry with quality individuals at the helm of this business.” said Jack Werner.


About Signworld


Signworld is a national organization with more than 260 independently owned sign companies, which provide commercial custom signage and graphics. Jack Warner and Ken Kindt lead the Top management at Signworld. It is personable, creative, rewarding and ideal for people-oriented individuals who have the desire to learn how to manage a sales and production business. Signworld affiliates are a cut above traditional sign companies. Ongoing support and training is provided along with state-of-the-art equipment. Signworld business model runs on a no royalty concept. You can learn more about Signworld


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