Signworld Celebrates its 24th Birthday!

At Signworld’s Annual Corporate Meetings, Signworld celebrated in style with a few of Signworld’s vendor partners, Signworld Owners and Franchise Coaches in Honolulu.  Signworld, celebrating its 24th birthday, has accomplished quite a bit and has a lot to be proud of since its humble beginnings as a small sign company in the mid-1980’s.


A proKen Kindt Attends 24th Birthday Celebrations of Signworld Corporationud Ken Kindt, the President and Founder of Signworld, said, “It’s amazing to think back when Signworld was founded in 1988.  24 years ago, I had a vision and a dream to take the successful practices of my very own sign company and turn that into a turn-key business opportunity where there was a support system in place that I didn’t have as a small business start-up.  I wasn’t a believer in the franchise concepts when it came to rules and royalty payments.  I also wasn’t a fan of a nationwide brand identity, because in manufacturing brand identity isn’t important.  I didn’t want one Signworld Owners success to be hindered by another’s mistakes just because of a brand name.  So my mission from the very beginning was to help individuals truly own their own business and brand identity while having access to a support system that is not available to traditional business start-ups.  Thus the idea for Signworld to be a business opportunity was born.  I’m very proud to say that after 24 years of helping individuals achieve their dream of business ownership, I am still excited and anxious to come to my desk each morning and find out what the owners in the organization are up to and help them find ways to make their businesses better.  I’m also extremely grateful for the organizations growth and the friendships I have made with the Owners along the way.”


Jack Werner Attends 24th Birthday Celebrations of Signworld CorporationJack Werner, Signworld’s Executive V.P., said, “I am extremely proud of the accomplishments Signworld has had over the last 24 years.  In my previous life, I was a Signworld Owner for 10 years.  I decided in 1995 that Signworld was the right business for me and my family.  If it wasn’t for the success of Ken Kindt, Signworld and the Signworld Owners, I wouldn’t have had the validation in needed to know that this was the right business for me.  I’ve experience the joy of success as a business owner, now in my role as Executive V.P. with Signworld, I have experienced the joy of helping others find their success through the Signworld model.  I know that everyone in the corporate office, the owners across North America and the vendor partners we have added along the way, are all excited for the bright future Signworld has in store even though it is a mature business model.”


Over the last 24 years, Signworld has seen many owners accomplish their dream of business ownership, build wealth, take advantage of the freedom and flexibility of business ownership as well as enjoy the spoils of building their own future.


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