Location, Location, Location: The Importance Of Sign Site Surveys

Location, Location, Location: The Importance of Sign Site Surveys

Businesses need signs and they may think that they can simply place the signs on the sign site. But the reality is that sign site surveys are extremely important. We mention more about this issue for your consideration to prevent hassles and problems in the future when placing signs on your sign site.

1 Identifying The Right Location

You must always consider the location in terms of the sign site when you are installing a custom sign or even if you are installing some type of sign on behalf of a national brand. That is why the site survey should always be conducted before permanently placing a sign on the site. This will ensure that the location is correct for the sign.

2 Preventing Hassles And Problems

When there is the conducting of a sign site survey, this will prevent many hassles and problems. This then will result in saving money and time in case a problem would otherwise arise without the conducting of a survey pertaining to the site where the sign is to be placed.

3 Assessing Access Conditions

The survey of the sign site should include the assessment of the access conditions, as the sign should not impede access to walkways, entrances, exits, roads, stairs, doors and aisles. In addition, there should be photos taken of the site. When there is the conducting of a survey in a comprehensive manner, there will be the performance of measurements that are correlated to photos concerning where a sign is to be placed. When the situation calls for the need for remodels, repairs or upgrades, then the same procedures of examining the site for the sign, doing measurements as well as taking photos will still be applied.

4 Collecting Much Valuable Information

It cannot be denied that there is much valuable information that is learned via the application of the surveys for a sign site. This then permits the team members to do their job in a more optimal manner. This results in clients being able to have the peace of mind that the professionals are aware of all the important elements in order to install the sign properly and in accordance with all laws and regulations for a particular area.

5 Determining The Kind Of Sign

When a sign is noted as being a new build, it is wise to conduct a survey of the sign site before the fabrication of the sign. This will help to contribute to the gathering of the information that is needed for the design of the sign. This means that the survey will be instrumental in making a determination regarding the kind of sign that is to be made in correlation to the location and layout. Thus, a site survey can help to prevent a sign from being too large or too small. Site surveys can be instrumental in determining whether the intended shape of a sign will be acceptable as well.

If you have any questions about sign site surveys, we here at Signworld would be pleased to assist you. We are the experts with the right kind of knowledge when it comes to site requirements. We are pleased to help all our clients with their various sign information inquiries.


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