New Study Highlights Value Of Digital Signage For Retail Marketing

New Study Highlights Value Of Digital Signage For Retail Marketing

As you have walked through more and more retail stores in recent years, you’ve probably noticed the increased amount of digital signage. In fact, studies show that the retail industry accounts for more than 40% of all digital signage currently in use, indicating it must be working with customers. Since retail marketing is growing ever more competitive by the day, business owners need to take advantage of every opportunity they have to make customers stop in their tracks and notice certain products, sales, or other key information. If you’re wondering about the other ways digital signage can benefit your retail marketing plan, consider the following facts.

Establish A Vibe Or Mood

Since each store attracts a certain type of customer, setting the right mood or vibe is crucial to not only getting customers to come in, but to also stay long enough to make a purchase. When digital signage is used in this aspect of retail marketing, creating the perfect atmosphere becomes much easier.

Showcasing A Brand

While traditional signs have been used in retail marketing for years to showcase certain brands, digital signage can take this to a whole new level. Whether it’s just one digital sign or multiple ones set up within a store, customers can become immersed within the brand, virtually guaranteeing a purchase will be made.

Modern And Tech-Savvy

If you want to get left behind in a hurry in the world of retail marketing, fail to embrace technology. Rather than see your competitors entice customers that used to come into your business, turn to digital signage and let customers know your business is still very modern and tech-savvy.

Promote Sales

To make the real money in retail, you need to be able to promote your sales in new and innovative ways. When you start using digital signage for your retail marketing, you do just that. As studies have shown, using actual numbers on signs is a very powerful retail marketing tool, and you can easily do so with state-of-the-art digital signage. Since this type of signage attracts plenty of attention, allows customers to quickly and easily get information, lets people know exactly what to expect, and even helps to instill trust in your business, investing in these signs will be one of the best retail marketing decisions you’ll ever make for your business.

Since businesses are always looking for the latest and greatest digital signage for their retail marketing campaigns, there’s no better time than now to let your customers know how your sign shop can help them do that and more. If you want to explore how you can expand your sign services to customers and see your profits increase, call Signworld at 888-765-7446.


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