Opening A Sign Location: Making The Most Of Your Startup Investment

Opening A Sign Location: Making The Most Of Your Startup Investment

Today’s post is all about how to make the most of your start-up investment by partnering with the Signworld business alliance. Read on to learn what to look for, what it costs, and what you get as a Signworld partner!

Making The Most Of Your Startup Investment

No matter how much you spend opening a business, you want to get the most out of every penny. For most people, the true value of buying a business goes deeper than paying for product and equipment packages.

Real value comes from knowledge, whether that’s a proven business model, insider access to premium vendors, or a specialized way of doing things that distinguishes you from the competition.

As such, it’s imperative that you choose a franchise, business, or partnership that’s offering you more than the bones of a business.

With that in mind, let’s talk about what it costs to get started with the Signworld business alliance, and what you stand to get in return.

What Does It Cost To Invest As A Signworld Partner?

The startup investment for the average Signworld partner is $210,000. That’s a fraction of what you’d pay to team up with big names in the fast food industry, and you get all the traditional benefits of franchising without any of the rules or royalty payments.

What do I Fet For $210,000?

The startup investment breaks down in 3 parts:

1.   $155,000 Signworld Package

The Signworld package includes:

  • Sign-making equipment and software to make all in-demand signage styles in 2020
  • Pricing and Point-of-Sale software, all of which is cloud-based for better security and ease of installation
  • Complete pre-opening training, which includes 4+ weeks of technical, operational, marketing, sales, website/internet presence, pricing, financial, human resources, and on-site instruction
  • Ongoing support via weekly webinars, the Owner’s Forum, in-person coaching, and 24/7 access to our corporate support team
  • Exclusive Signworld sales rights to a protected territory of up to 3000 businesses
  • Full support with business site selection, lease negotiation, interior design/layout, and more
  • Access to our 3-day Annual Conventions with more upgrade training than any single owner could cram into one visit
  • Signworld start-up fee, paid in full–you never pay another penny!

2.   $25,000 Startup Expenses

A significant portion of your start-up investment is dedicated to covering pre-opening expenses, which include:

  • Custom website design
  • Office furniture
  • Outdoor sign shop signage
  • Security deposit
  • Phones, fax machine, copier, and other office hardware
  • Printing
  • Insurance premiums
  • Utility hookups
  • Miscellaneous tools and supplies
  • Travel, food, and accommodation costs for training

3.   $30,000 Cash Reserve

As part of our commitment to protecting your investment and giving your business the best possible chance of success, we require that all owners retain a $30,000 cash reserve to cover any emergencies or cash shortfalls in the early months of business. Many owners never spend this money, which means their actual start-up investment got even smaller!

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