How and Why It Pays to Build “Branded Environments” with High-Quality Banners

How and Why It Pays to Build Branded Environments with High Quality Banners

When most people think of banner stands, they get hung up on the idea of temporary displays at trade shows and community event. And while these are both great ways to showcase products and build brand awareness on the go, banners are much more versatile than that.

Today’s post goes beyond these two classic banner applications to show how banner stands can be used in corporate client lobbies, meeting rooms, cafeterias, and other everyday business spaces to take your permanent displays to the next level.

Building branded environments

Branded environments “extend the experience of an organization’s brand or distinguishing characteristics as expressed in names, symbols, and designs, to the design of interior or exterior physical settings” (Hulten, 2011).

In other words, it’s about “branding” your business space, and it used to only be possible when architecture, interior design, and marketing experts came together.

But banners make it easy to convert any uninspired business space into a branded environment in any of the following spaces:


Though a client will start appraising your brand from the moment they park their car outside, the lobby is truly where first impressions are made.

They’re also great places for branded environments. Banners and other custom graphics let you welcome visitors before they step into your office and lay a “groundwork” of authority and brand value.

Installing your banner stands around the reception desk is a great option since it lets you simultaneously welcome visitors, inform them of upcoming events and brand messages, and showcase any products or services upfront. It’s a particularly smart move for waiting areas, where clients will already be looking for something to read.

Additionally, placing banner stands near windows gives greater “bang for your buck” by giving passersby something to look at.

Break rooms

Break room banners should be markedly different from those you encounter in the lobber or conference room. That’s because these banners will be viewed primarily by existing staff members.

With that in mind, break room banners might be used to remind staff about safety protocol, time-keeping strategies, and upcoming events. Some companies even use their branded break room environments to celebrate employees, which is great for company morale and retention.


If yours is a business that allows tours, such as a manufacturing and production facility, banner stands are great options that almost “automate” the experience. While you’ll still want a tour guide handy, banners containing information on history, processes, and procedures give visitors greater learning opportunities. And if you include web links or social media account addresses, you get even more opportunities for engagement.

Conference rooms

Conference rooms are another great place to build custom-branded environments.

Banner content should be designed with an intended audience in mind. For meeting rooms that are primarily used for client consultations, it’s a good idea to focus on high-quality imagery that convey your organizational values. Printing dense blocks of text on these banners is a mistake since you’ve already got the customer in front of you and need their full attention.

Build a custom-branded environment with a Signworld partner today

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Hulten, B. (2011). “Sensory Marketing: The multi sensory brand-experience concept”. European Business Review. 23 (3): 256–273.


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