Pinpointing High-Profit Opportunities in Digital Signage for 2018

Pinpointing High-Profit Opportunities in Digital Signage for 2018

Though the digital signage market emerged just over a decade ago, it’s taken our industry by storm.

Today’s post explains why digital signage is so popular, and how shop owners can take advantage of demand trends.

What makes digital signage so popular among clients?

  • Digital signage pays for itself. Digital signs are a reusable resource that will last for years. Over time, the money saved buying new signs for every new promotion will easily cover the cost paid up front. So while it may be pricier than a traditional sign at first, the ROI can’t be beat.
  • Digital signage sets up faster. Custom signs take a reasonable amount of time to create, whereas digital signage boils down to a few clicks and keystrokes. Plus installations are usually as easy as plug-and-play.
  • Digital displays rank higher on the attentional hierarchy. Nowadays, people are conditioned to stare at screens; indeed, “Generation Z” was raised on bedtime stories read off e-readers and tablets. This screen-centric conditions gives digital signs a distinct advantage over traditional mediums in terms of engagement.
  • Digital signs are more versatile. Digital signs can be programmed to display any content – wayfinding, promotional, informational, or otherwise – and customized to serve whatever function is needed.

With all that in mind, it’s no wonder the digital sign industry is currently being valued at over $16-billion. And with hardware and connectivity barriers lessening every day, this dynamic market is projected to hit $20-billion within the next two years.

Digital signage opportunities: Top-3 buyer trends in 2018

Some traditional sign shop owners see booming digital sign sales as something to fear. And that’s not surprising – progress means change, and people fear change. But those who can keep up with the technology understand exactly how big of an opportunity the dynamic digital sign market represents.

If you’re looking to expand into digital sign production, reviewing the following demand trends will help:

  • Slim and subtle design. Successful digital signage blends seamlessly with its environment so that it’s noticeable without sticking out like a sore thumb. And as business showrooms and store layouts have become more austere, digital signs have gotten sleeker.
  • More interactivity. Dynamic, interactive digital signage is one of the best ways to capture audience attention. For this reason, touchscreens are becoming extremely popular. Similarly, the demand for proximity-marketing-enabled signs, beacons, and geofencing, which allow owners to broadcast coupons and product info to nearby mobile devices, is on the rise.
  • Digital ordering. Online sales are up across the board, but particularly with digital signage, where the end-user is typically more tech-savvy than the average traditional sign buyer. If you plan to expand into digital sign sales and production, make sure your online sales cycle and supply chain is in order!

Take advantage of digital signage opportunities

If you’re a sign shop owner who’s interested in expanding into digital signage, our business alliance can help.

Members of the Signworld business alliance were among the digital signage early adopters, and have developed unparalleled products and expertise in the years since. Our business partners get full access to our training system, online sales channels, and line of dynamic digital signs, without any rules or royalties to hold them down.

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