Profiling A Successful Signworld Partner: Top-4 Traits

Profiling A Successful Signworld Partner: Top-4 Traits

You don’t need a million dollar investment or even any experience to start a successful sign company, but there are certain personality traits we look for in business partners. Today’s post shares the top-4 traits.

1.  Signworld Partners Need People Skills

Whether you choose to focus on B2C or B2B sales (or generate revenue from a combination of the two, like many of our partners), people skills are paramount.

While it’s true that the customer is hiring you for your sign manufacturing skills and installation expertise, there’s never an excuse for poor customer service. You need to be excited about working with people and willing to make an effort to be positive–even when the customer isn’t!

People skills also make or break your team morale. The Signworld business is designed to be run with a small, career-minded team with minimal turnover. To make that work, you need to create an enjoyable work environment. And to get the best out of your team, you must instill confidence in your employees and motivate them to be productive. At the end of the day, we can help you develop all these skills, but you need to be willing!

2.  Signworld Partners Have Strong Work Ethic

The Signworld business model is set up for success, and even automates some sales via the website and repeat customer dynamics. But that doesn’t mean you ought to put the business in “cruise control”–at least not without putting the work in to find the right leadership first, anyways.

If you want to get the most out of your sign investment and beat the competition drawn to this $50 billion industry, you need to have a strong work ethic. That means entering into the alliance with the willingness to learn the training material, then apply it at a high level once your doors are open for business. Granted, our system is all about no rules, but if there’s one universal in life it’s that hard work pays off!

3.  Signworld Partners Know How To Take Advice

You might be joining the Signworld business alliance because you want to be your own boss, and that’s great! But that doesn’t mean you should be above accepting advice from experienced industry experts. Remember: we’ve been doing this for more than 30 years, and our only goal is to help. You’re under no obligation to follow our recommendations, but it’s always worth considering what our experts and fellow owners have to say. Indeed, one of the greatest resources that partners get is access to the owner’s forum, where more than 340 Signworld partners trade advice to tweak their sales, manufacturing, marketing and other business practices.

4.  Signworld Partners Set Goals Frequently

Our sign business model is built to help owners take their personal brand to the top. That’s why we invested in securing supply discounts, offering a world class annual training convention, enabling global sales reach via eCommerce channels, and creating an active community of highly motivated and perpetually strategizing owners online!

With so much effort invested in putting these resources in place to scale up your business, it only makes sense that we seek goal-oriented partners. If that sounds like you, get in touch!

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