Research Review: Do COVID-19 Signs Really Work?

Research Review: Do COVID-19 Signs Really Work?

As COVID-19 has consumed our lives for over a year, businesses as well as government buildings and others have relied upon having various types of signage displayed both inside and outside their buildings. From reminding people to social distance to those stating that masks are required, COVID-19 signs are everywhere. However, you may be wondering if these signs have really made a difference. As a sign shop owner, you can point to various research when meeting with clients to show that these signs do in fact help in many ways.

Employee Appreciation

Perhaps more than anything, COVID-19 signs have been an excellent way for employers to show appreciation to their employees. From grocery store clerks to medical personnel, research always shows that employees who feel appreciated at their jobs will be more productive. By pointing this out to your shop’s customers, chances are you’ll land a large order.

Colors, Shapes, And Designs

As more and more COVID-19 signs have been needed, research has shown that those COVID-19 signs which use various types of colors, shapes, and designs tend to work much better than traditional signage. As a sign shop owner, you will be in the driver’s seat to help your customers create COVID-19 signs that are innovative and catch people’s eyes from the very beginning.

Company Values And Mission

Since many people are reevaluating where they want to do business in the current corporate climate, studies have shown businesses that use COVID-19 signs to convey their values and mission get more favorable responses and increased customer traffic than those which do not. With empathy and understanding becoming more and more important to customers, working with your clients on these types of signs can help everyone.

Clear And Concise Messaging

When a person is entering a building for the first time, they need clear and concise messaging on COVID-19 signs. Whether it’s making it clear masks are required, to remain six feet apart from others, or to wash their hands, COVID-19 signs that display requests in clear, easy-to-understand language are far more effective. In addition, it is important to use colors and visuals as much as possible on these COVID-19 signs, since they are attention-getting and help put people at ease.

Since COVID-19 signs are needed so much now and in the days ahead, businesses and other clients will be looking to your sign shop for help during these tough times. By being able to offer guidance as well as excellent signs, you can play a vital role in not only keeping your business profitable, but also helping to keep your community safe. If you want to learn more about becoming a Signworld partner, call 888-765-7446 or learn more from


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