Save Time and Make Money with Fresh Window Graphics

Save Time and Make Money with Fresh Window Graphics

Today’s post runs down 7 ways that fresh window graphics save time and make your business money. Read on to learn whether this cheap and effective signage option is right for you.

  • Window graphics are cost-effective advertising tools.

    Think about how many people pass your business daily. Whether you’re located in a busy downtown core with tons of foot traffic, or tucked into a light industrial area that gridlocked commuters take in during rush hour, you’re potentially missing thousands of opportunities to engage new customers every day.

    So how do you capture the attention of these transient prospects? Though not a complete marketing solution in and of itself, using fresh window graphics is a cost-effective way to attract new patrons, spread the word about upcoming promotions, and tell people who you are. Simply design your graphics, apply them to the window of your choice, and let the impressions roll in.

  • Save man-hours with easy installation.

    Installing fresh window graphics takes no time at all. With little more than a squeegee, knife, and water, you can have yours ready to go in under an hour.

  • Build a better view for in-store audiences.

    Some businesses overlook dumpsters, fences, alleys, and rundown urban spaces. If that’s the case for you, why not create a better view that both pleases the eye and builds your brand?

    Fresh window graphics are all it takes. Hide unseemly views, put exciting promos and brand messages on display, and bring the in-store audiences’ focus back to what’s being displayed inside.

  • Save the trouble of city permits.

    Did you know that many cities strictly regulate commercial signage? In some areas, that means keeping your signs under a certain size, while others require business owners to purchase permits. It’s an extra expense and a major inconvenience, but ignoring size regulations or refusing to purchase a permit can result in hefty fines.

    Fresh window graphics can save you all that trouble, while still giving you major marketing value. Business windows rarely have limits or restrictions, which is why window graphics are such a popular option.

  • Give your brand a bigger voice.

    Eye-catching windows graphics seriously help increase your brand recognition. Displaying your brand name and message in prominent places is a great idea in general. But using window graphics is particularly effective because it plays off people’s tendency to peek through windows in passing–now whenever passersby do so, their view of your store interior will be neatly “framed’ with your store’s logo and brand message.

  • Make the most of blank spaces.

    Marketing is a ruthlessly competitive game, which means that business owners should be looking for every possible advantage. And that’s exactly what fresh window graphics let you do, transforming blank and useless window space into a dynamic marketing canvas.

  • Encourage passersby to engage with your brand messages.

    Unlike more permanent, large-scale sign fixtures, window graphics can be changed all the time. That’s not to say they need to be replaced very often–with proper care and installation, window graphics can last for years. But sometimes you want to continually update your signage, as when you have dynamic promotions, seasonal offers, or new messages to share. If that’s the case, window graphics are a perfect option. This sign strategy plays perfectly off our natural interest in novelty; after regular passersby see your signs changing semi-regularly, they’ll be conditioned to spare your graphics a glance.

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