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Sign Franchise Training

Today’s post overviews the world-class business training, support, and insider perks that every Signworld owner receives from day-one!

Hit the ground running with Signworld’s Pre-Opening Training

When we tell people that they don’t need any previous sign making experience to run a successful Signworld business, they often ask how that’s possible.

The “secret” is really no secret at all; hard work and dedication applied over 29 years allowed us to develop a comprehensive, fat-free training system that can transform total beginners into sign experts before their doors are open for business.

Our pre-opening training program includes:

  • Technical training: A 5-day course familiarizing you with our sign-making hardware and software. Suitable for beginners.
  • Operations training: A 3-day course on sales, marketing, online tasks and tools, human resources, finance, legal, products, materials, suppliers, and overall daily operations. No office or managerial experience required.
  • Sign-making and installation training: A 1-day seminar on sign-making and finishing. Learn hard-earned trade secrets and best practices for installation from seasoned sign makers.
  • Supplier training: A 1-day learning experience where you are introduced to 7 different suppliers and walked through the entire process.
  • Point-of-Sale training: Start taking advantage of our weekly group webinars to learn all about the point-of-sale process and tools involved. This training includes one-on-one instruction and video tutorial library access.
  • On-the-Job training: A 7-day training stint that takes you through a day in the life of a Signworld owner at multiple locations.
  • On-site training: A 3-day walk through at your shop, with your equipment. Advanced training for you and your staff is included.


This program has been undergoing refinement since 1988, and continues to evolve every year. We have distilled the most important information into a cogent training curriculum that combines theory and hands-on teaching so that anyone can learn the “secrets” of success in a short amount of time.

More ongoing training opportunities than you can use

What we’re trying to do at Signworld is to give American entrepreneurs the marketing, brand, and system benefits of licensing without railroading their business paths.

Since we’re promoting this kind of business freedom, we take it as our responsibility to ensure every franchisee is as well-educated and well-trained as possible. That means going beyond start-up training to keep you informed of evolving practices, new tools and software, and upcoming business trends for every step of your career.

To this end, we make the extra effort to provide top-notch ongoing education, which includes:

  • Sales and marketing coaching: Stay afloat of the latest trends and data in sales and marketing to grow your bottom-line and get the most out of advertising budgets.
  • Website and internet marketing coaching: Learn to optimize your business’s web assets to automate some of the sales process and stay visible in Google searches.
  • Signworld’s annual convention: Featuring more than 70 of our most valued suppliers in a trade show setting, our annual convention is a great opportunity for hands-on learning in regards to new products and services that can grow your business. Our convention also includes 30+ seminars taught by industry leaders.

Signworld’s stress-busting support services and inside perks

One of the biggest benefits of licensing is the access to professional support services and “family” discounts. Signworld owners receive:

  • Supply discounts
  • Online technical support
  • Next day on-site service
  • Owners website guide and support forum
  • Face-to-face convention troubleshooting

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