Signage Slip Ups Why Sign Maintenance is Important For Your Brand


Signage is ubiquitous, but some physicals ads stand out better than others. Understanding why that is requires more than this one post can offer; signs succeed because of their design, their placement, their images, and the quality of their copy. But today we’re going to talk about a different reason why signs succeed: maintenance! Read on to learn some signage maintenance and design slip ups to avoid to give your company a competitive edge.

  • Broken neon borders. Broken neon borders a huge problem. Not only are they unsightly and unprofessional in appearance, but their neon color attracts the eye of any passersby. If you are going to invest in neon elements or borders on your sign, make sure that you’re ready to invest in their upkeep as well. Otherwise, you’re highlighting your own deficiencies!
  • Leftover ghosting. Nothing tells a passerby that your business is untrustworthy and impermanent quite like leftover ghosting from a previous company. Ghosting occurs when the vinyl of the previous sign is removed, but the panel itself is not reversed. The end result is the faint “ghost lettering” of the previous occupant. It’s unsightly and unnerving for customers who prefer to think that their chosen brand is there to stay.
  • Weathered wooden signage. A-frame signage is handy, but it needs to be made out of durable materials. They also need to be maintained. Dragging a weather-washed wooden sign out to the curb is usually a waste of time, unless you’re dropping it off for a garbage pickup. Nobody is going to be reassured by a flaking, salt-scarred, rain-soaked sign. The legibility will be questionable, and the passersby will associate your company quality with the haggard wooden sign you display.
  • Cheap banner signs and flags. These may seem like a great idea for those working their signage needs in under a budget, but maintenance is important if you’re going to pull it off! If your banner signs and flags have any rips, fraying edges, or weathering, they will not have the effect you want. Instead of being a royal flourish for your business, they’ll look like the tattered banners that defeated armies hoist on their sullen march home!
  • Splash-panel signage. If you’re sharing a strip mall with other business tenants, it can be tough to get around the “splash-panel” effect that complex signs tend to take on. Different businesses with different brands will cram their logos into the complex’s sign, and it starts to look more like a preschool collage than a sophisticated shopping center. If you have any pull with your complex landlord, encourage them to adopt a uniform palette with their main billboard signage, perhaps with a splash of color to showcase the strip’s name. This will also hold up better over time, as the muted color selection will not show fading as quickly or dramatically as a hodgepodge of primary-colored logos.
  • Set aside panel space for leasing information. Many complex owners make the mistake of overcrowding their billboard signage. They jam so many business logs in that they forget to leave real estate for basic things like leasing and contact information. They try to make due with a shoddy wooden sign knocked together with pure functionality in mind, and it’s a big mistake. These wooden signs are usually ignored outright, and they weather so fast that the only attention they get is negative.

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