Signworld Fact Sheet For Rapid-fire Sign Location Research

Signworld Fact Sheet for Rapid-Fire Sign Location Research

Today’s post presents a compact and concise Signworld fact sheet to help you make an informed decision about your sign location investment.

Fact sheets are short documents that summarize the most important information about a given company. They’re compact, concise, and easy-to-skim, making them ideal for quick sign location research.

Use the following fact sheet to help you understand the Signworld business opportunity at-a-glance. For more detailed information about our sign location model, call 888-765-7446 or visit the Signworld website.

Signworld Fact Sheet: 8 Reasons To Consider Starting A Sign Location

  1. The Signworld start-up investment is only $210,000. This includes the $155,000 Signworld package, comprising all your equipment, software, training, site selection, lease negotiation, protected territory, and ongoing support, as well as $25,000 for startup expenses and a $30,000 cash reserve.
  2. The Signworld business alliance does not collect royalties. Though our training, support, and territory policies offer all the same value of a traditional franchise opportunity, we are not a franchise, which means we do not collect any royalties.
  3. The Signworld business alliance supports your unique goals and direction. We are not a franchise, so we do not restrict you with company rules. Use our resources, guidance, and proven processes to run your business your way. Choose your own name, build your own brand, and create your own unique company culture.
  4. The Signworld business alliance protects your exclusive sales rights. Every Signworld partner gets a protected territory consisting of a contiguous cluster of zip codes that contains up to 3000 businesses. Signworld will not sell or set up another sign location in this area. However, you are free to sell anywhere outside your protected areas and those of your fellow Signworld allies.
  5. Signworld boasts a 93% location success rate. Over the last 27 years in the industry, we’ve helped the vast majority of our sign partners build successful businesses from the ground up.
  6. The Signworld business model emphasizes low-volume, high-profit customer relationships. Our business-to-business model relies on long-term, repeat customer relationships. Typically, 80% of your revenue will be generated by less than 20 clients who give you repeat business. There is no cold-calling or hard-selling required—we teach a proven method of networking and internet marketing that generates big leads for big business.
  7. The Signworld lifestyle is rewarding. Signworld partners work with a small, tight-knit team on Monday to Friday, 9-to-5, with no late nights, weekends, and holidays. Our shop environments are clean, friendly, and free of any loud noises, caustic chemicals, or health hazards.
  8. Signworld partners get full training and support. No previous skills or experience necessary. Learn all you need to know with our proven training program, and get help anytime from our 24/7 support services.

Learn More About Starting A Sign Location In 2021

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