Retraining your perception of awnings from functional to a marketing opportunity

Signworld Review- Dunkin DonutsHave you ever looked at an awning and said to yourself, “there is a great opportunity to extend the message of this business…”  If you are like most people, you only look at awnings for their functional purpose.  Homeowners utilize them for curb appeal and to shade windows from the hot sun, and up until a few years ago, most businesses utilized them for the same reason.  But today, more and more businesses are looking for a way to extend their message through additional avenues.  Awnings are the perfect solution.




Signworld Review - Signs Panera BreadThere’s no doubt that awnings add to distinctive curb appeal and serve a functional purpose in eliminating direct sunlight.  But more importantly, awnings, like signs play an important and fundamental role in successful business branding.  Unlike signs though, awnings are symbols not messages.  Think about what a message is, it’s specific information that contains very little emotion.  However a symbol, or image, is a great way of projecting and marketing an emotional response and connection with the consumer.  How do you emotionally react when you see the Nike Swoosh, the Olympic Rings, the UPS shield and the McDonald’s arches?


Innovative awnings are essential to extending the marketing of a business.  If the awnings are profound enough to be noticed and remembered, but not so overly obnoxious that they might create a negative reaction, you’re customers will have a long-term positive emotion tied to your brand.  The keys to building a lasting branding opportunity through awnings and setting the tone for the brand revolve around the selection of the colors, fabrics, lettering, logos and overall design of the awnings.


Signworld Review - Weber GrillCompanies who are looking to implement awnings into their marketing efforts need to work with a sign company that is going to address the needs of the entire business not just the needed awnings.  A good sign company will look at the entire picture to ensure that the aesthetic needs of the awnings are synchronized with the brand identity of the company and that the direction of the branding fits with the company’s mission and focus.  A good sign company or awning provider will also make suggestions based on case studies of awnings to maximize the potential of the marketing opportunity.


Signworld Owners have been assisting their customers with their awning needs for the past 24 years.  As a part of each Signworld Owners initial and ongoing training, they are taught about the power of brand marketing and the areas in which they can maximize their customers branding power.  Through an amazing team of wholesale awning vendors, Signworld Owners have helped their customers create the right awning at the right price.


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