Signworld’s 2013 Annual Golf Tournament to Benefit the Wounded Warrior Project


Signworld is excited to announce that the 2013 Signworld Golf Tournament will once again be held in conjunction with the 2013 Signworld Convention and more importantly will again benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.


The tournament will be held at the Arroyo Golf Club at Red Rock on Thursday, April 18th, 2013.


Last year was the first year that we decided to utilize the power of the group and turn our annual tournament into a charity event.  A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit a great cause.  We’re excited to be back at the Arroyo Golf Club and more importantly that we are working hard to raise awareness and funds for the Wounded Warrior Project.  We have a number of Veterans in our organization as well as a good number of sons and daughters of our owners that  are veterans so we are glad that the charity of choice is one that is somewhat ‘close to home’. said Dan Werner, Signworld V.P. of Operations.


The 2012 Signworld Golf Tournament had 50 entries and Signworld looks to grow that number for the 2013 tournament.


Ken Kindt, President and Founder of Signworld, said “The function of the golf tournament is three-fold.  First, we want to provide an event at our convention that creates an opportunity for our owners and suppliers to let loose a little bit and relax before a long weekend of learning.  Second, we wanted to utilize our fun opportunity to raise money and awareness for a great cause.  And, lastly, we wanted to utilize the event as an informal opportunity for our owners and vendors to network and build a relationship.  They say that more business is done on a golf course than a boardroom, we’re just facilitating the opportunity.”


Signworld expects the 2013 tournament to have over 75 entries making it the largest tournament held by Signworld and resulting in good exposure for the Wounded Warrior Project.


To learn more about how you can help the Wounded Warrior Project, please visit their website by Clicking Here.


Contact Us learn more about how you can become a Signworld Owner and participate in this great event.


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