Signworld’s Brass Ready to Kick Off The 2014 Signworld Convention


Signworld is set to kick off the 2014 Signworld Convention and Trade Show, which is set to be held at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas.


The four day event consists of a charity golf tournament, educational and motivational sessions, a trade show with over 60 exhibitors showing off their latest products and services as well as some great networking opportunities to help grow relationships and future business partnerships.


Ken Kindt said of the convention, “Our annual convention and trade show is an event that we look forward to every year.  In its newest format, which began in 2010, the show has continued to grow.  We have had more owners and their staff attend year over year, we have also had more of our Preferred Partners exhibit year over year.  The greatest thing about our conventions is that we hold these events at no additional cost to our owners outside of their airfare and hotel stay.  We provide the guest speakers and educational opportunities, the meeting space and all of the food and beverage throughout the weekend.  There are not many organizations or franchising companies that do that.  It’s something that we look forward to providing for many years to come as a great “value-add” to our already great program.”


The convention will feature over 30 seminars and breakout sessions to help each individual Signworld owner improve their business and a trade show with over 60 exhibitors showcasing their latest products and services.  New this year, will be a focus on more “One-on-One” time for individual owners to have with Signworld’s corporate staff, preferred partners and service providers to help hone in on specific issues and concerns rather than general information that might be shared in group sessions.


“We continue to grow this show in great ways.  This year our owners will have more opportunities than ever before to dive into specifics of their business and receive on-the-spot answers.  With over 200 people from the organization attending the show, we know we have our work ahead of us for the weekend, but we are up to the task and we’re looking forward to not only making this the best convention yet, but create a flow of raving Signworld owners who share their experience with others that didn’t attend.  Although we understand that certain circumstances don’t allow owners to attend, we believe that every owner should be at the convention because it is one of the greatest opportunities to better your business.  Our attendance records continue to go up each and every year.  We trust as we continue to improve the show each year, that one day we will have each and every owner in attendance at the same show.”  Jack Werner added on the event.


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