Signworld’s Top-5 Tips to Boost Point of Purchase Sign Sales

Signworld’s Top-5 Tips to Boost Point of Purchase Sign Sales

Research by Retail Training Services suggests that 66% of all purchasing decisions are made in-store, and over half of these are made impulsively. While these figures are industry-specific–in this case, researchers focused on big box department stores, which attract a different kind of buyer than a car dealership–they do help us understand the value that point of purchase signage can add to your business.

With that in mind, today’s post offers 5 tips to take your in-store advertising to the next level.

Top-5 point of purchase sign tips for increased sales


Invest in eye-catching signage.

A growing body of research is now showing that high-quality in-store signage consistently boosts sales. As such, business owners should think of these signs as an investment rather than an expense.

A 2012 study of Sunfood display performance in 5 different stores focused on how the quality of in-store signage affected store sales. In particular, the researchers focused on how prominent sale headers and side signs performed in comparison to basic labeled wire racks. What they found was that the addition of prominent, high-quality signage increased sales by up to 30%.

Demonstrate savings.

If you’re having a sale, show it off! Use bold lettering, bright colors, and strong contrast between font and background to indicate sale items and highlight the amount of savings being offered. Consumers won’t know how good of a deal they’re getting unless they see what the item cost prior to the sale. Add a sale end date to inspire a sense of urgency!

Keep your in-store signage clean and orderly.

Dirty and unkempt displays are a major turn-off to consumers. Maintaining your signage is easy and will help you get more effective advertising hours for your money. A simple daily wipedown of your signs will give new consumers the impression that the sale just started, which can make them feel like they can get ahead of the curve by buying now.

Also be sure to organize your displays and keep items in their designated places. This can be tough in stores that encourage hands-on browsing, but it’s worth the effort. An orderly display will encourage consumers to spend their time shopping and buying, rather than trying to match out-of-place items to their listed price.

Leverage complementary marketing theory for better sales.

Have you ever been at a grocery store and seen wine and cheese displayed side by side? Ketchup and mustard? It’s no coincidence: retailers understand that grouping complementary items together makes impulse buys more likely.

Go digital.

Digital in-store signage takes point of sale possibilities to the next level. Digital displays use images, web pages, video, and menus to engage audiences and increase in-store dwell time. They are highly visible, endlessly reusable, and can even collect important consumer data like email addresses and product preferences. It’s the information age and we’re all conditioned to give digital screens our attention, so why not take advantage of that?

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