Spend a Little, Make a Lot: Top 5 Features of Signworld’s Pro-Profit Model

Spend a Little, Make a Lot: Top 5 Features of Signworld's Pro-Profit Model

Today’s post is all about how the Signworld business system helps owners make big money without spending it.

Top 5 Features Of Signworld’s Pro-profit Model

  • Signworld partners do not pay franchise fees or royalties. We offer training, territories, ongoing support, and proven business processes that are on par with franchise systems, but the Signworld business alliance is not a franchise. As such, we do not charge franchise fees and never collect any royalties from our partners. Once you’ve paid for the initial Signworld package and covered your start-up costs, our pro-profit model ensures you keep all you earn.
  • Signworld partners never “cannibalize sales.” Cannibalizing sales refers to the reduction of sales volume, sales revenue, or market share as a result of the introduction of products or services from the same organization. If you set up shop in a business community only to find that a Signworld business partner is selling in the same area, that means our business alliance is cannibalizing sales.Fortunately, this never happens, thanks to our unique territory system. Partners get exclusive sales rights to a protected territory consisting of a contiguous cluster of zip codes which contains up to 3000 businesses.

    Signworld’s Commercial Real Estate Broker will assist you in locating an optimal site. Traffic patterns, landmark location, parking and tenant mix are but a few of the factors our expert will evaluate when working with you.

    We guarantee that Signworld will never sell or set up another sign company within your protected area. However, you are not limited to this area. So long as you’re not encroaching on the sales of other Signworld partners, you’re free to sell anywhere in the country.

  • Signworld partners leverage eCommerce for nationwide sales. As mentioned previously, your sales aren’t limited to your protected territory in the way that some franchise owners’ are. Using our proven eCommerce system, you can use your website to generate sales almost anywhere in the country. In fact, some of our partners make more than half of their total earnings through their website alone.
  • Signworld partners get big supply discounts. One of the big perks of joining the Signworld alliance is getting access to our extensive professional network, which includes a number of vendors and suppliers willing to give discounts to our partners. These discounts can save you thousands each year. And you’re also free to make your own discount deals at our annual convention, where 75+ leading vendors will be waiting to meet you.
  • Signworld partners easily control start-up costs. When starting a business on their own, many entrepreneurs are forced to face the “fear of the (financial) unknown.” As expenses pile up with no end in sight–and your doors still aren’t open for business–some owners get tempted to cut corners or even jump ship.But not so for Signworld partners. Our start-up costs are broken down in complete detail, item-by-item, so you can plan your finances and estimate a break-even point from day-one. Our proven start-up process lets you get your doors open at “corner-cutting” speed without ever compromising on quality. And best of all, it’s extremely cost-efficient. Most owners get started for $195,000. You can view an itemized breakdown of expenses on the Signworld Investment page.

 Learn more about the Signworld business alliance at or call 888-765-7446 to speak with a representative.


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