Starting a Sign Business in the Digital Age

Starting a Sign Business in the Digital Age

Are people still buying physical signage in the Internet Age? And how are sign businesses using the internet to get ahead in 2018?

Read on to find out, and learn how the Signworld business alliance can simplify the startup process for you.

Are Sign Sales Still Strong in the Digital Age?


In fact, they’re stronger than ever. Modern technology makes it easier than ever to start a business, and every business needs signage.

Physical signage not only increases consumer confidence in the brand, but also provides incredible marketing value. In fact, research has shown that the value of on-site signage is equal to 24 full-page newspapers ads every year. While a 300-line newspaper ad will cost about $2.81 per 1000 views (and might only reach about 50% of the market), a single on-site sign costs only $0.02 per 1000 views.

Sign sales are going strong in 2018, and the Digital Age has increased the demand for big-ticket digital signage options. It’s a great time to get started in the sign industry.

The Importance of E-commerce in the Digital Age

Virtualizing your business and embracing e-commerce are just part and parcel of starting a sign business in the Digital Age.

8 out of 10 Americans are now shopping online, according to a study by Pew Research that looked at the ways that new technologies impacted commercial behaviors.

That’s 80% of Americans on Americans buying everything from toilet paper to major signage installations on the web using their computer, tablet, or mobile device, up from just 22% percent in 2000. The study also found that 15% of internet shoppers buy something online on a weekly basis.

Consumer trends can be volatile and tricky to read, but this one is steady and undeniable: in the Digital Age, e-commerce is increasingly becoming part of the norm.

And even people who aren’t buying online use the internet to research in-store purchases. Consider the following statistics:

Businesses that want to maximize their market share and maintain competitive advantage need to set up e-commerce options.

And that’s why the Signworld business alliance makes your website and online sales such a major part of the business model. 50% or more of your business can come from e-commerce–and that’s all passive sales that come from having a great website, brand identity, and virtual marketing campaign.

We’ve also worked hard to build a strong online brand reputation that all Signworld business partners benefit from. Anybody searching Signworld reviews will find top ratings and numerous success stories that help generate leads for your business in the Digital Age.

Don’t worry if you lack experience in this area. One of the biggest benefits of joining our sign business alliance is that you get full access to our proven e-commerce model and online marketing system, as well as ongoing training and support. We teach you how to set up and manage web assets, process online payments, and make the most of your business in the Digital Age.


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