The Power Of Knowledge: 3 Crucial Skills Signworld Business Partners Learn During Training

The Power Of Knowledge: 3 Crucial Skills Signworld Business Partners Learn During Training

Today’s post highlights a few of the critical business skills that Signworld partners learn during their pre-opening training. Read on to better understand the value of our opportunity and the limitations of certain turnkey opportunities.

How To Set Smart Business Goals And Planning For The Future

If you know anything about growing a business, you know how important it is to set goals. But as the old saying goes, “a goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Signworld knows a little something about setting (and smashing) business goals. After all, our entire business model is based on the idea of giving owners the training, tools, and guidance they need to bring their vision to life.

That’s the way it’s been since day-one. Using the Signworld system, founder Ken Kindt had two locations up and running in the first year of business. Kindt spent the next 18 years helping entrepreneurs set and achieve their business goals, right up until he sold Signworld model to Jack Werner, a former Signworld partner himself. Today, the Signworld business alliance includes more than 340 sign companies, over 75 Preferred Partners, and a strong corporate team.

Here’s just a few ways to set smart goals and plan for the future as a Signworld partner:

  • Access proven pre-opening training modules dedicated entirely to business planning (and review these materials online any time)
  • Network, compare plans, and ‘talk shop’ with other Signworld partners at our 3-day annual convention or reach out anytime on our Owner’s site
  • Attend weekly webinars to learn how to set smarter sales goals
  • Pick the brains of our corporate support team anytime

How To Market Your Brand At A High Level

If you’ve ever read The Entrepreneurial Evolution, you know that “marketing is the key to monetization” (Izik, 2016). Even with the finest equipment and top-level products, your business can’t grow unless people know about it.

But keeping on top of marketing best practices isn’t easy; what works today might be obsolete in a month. And your competitors will constantly be looking for new advantages.

But marketing your brand at a high level is easy as a Signworld ally. We give our partners access to a proven system based on rock-solid marketing fundamentals, then conduct weekly webinars to review new developments and emerging best practices.

How To Sell Products Online

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote and “contactless” sales capabilities are more valuable than ever. As early adopters of eCommerce and remote sign design, Signworld partners have a leg up in this regard. Some of our owners make more than 50% of their total revenue through their website alone!

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