Tips for buying a New Office Exterior Sign

Tips for buying a New Office Exterior Sign


For a lot of small business owners, signs can be a great way of conveying and advertising the existence of their company. However, signs are not for the public display only. Signs work to attract visitors around your business and alert customers and employees of hazardous areas. Here at SignWorld, we have designed a great guide to give you all the facts that you need to evaluate and choose a sign that is the perfect fit for your business.

Different Types of Signs

Signs are used both outside and inside the business. Usually the signs on the outside of the business are used for marketing purposes to attract and direct visitors to the business. These signs can be used on the roof of the business, the walls, the awnings, on the side of the business standing alone, as a banner and the even on the sides of company vehicles like delivery cars and trucks.

Signs used inside the business are usually hung from ceilings or attached to the walls. The signs are used to direct visitors inside the business. These indoor signs can also be used for trade show displays.

Materials Used in the Signs

Many different materials are used by companies to make signs for small businesses. Sign makers usually break down the requirements in terms of substrate and lettering materials.

Sign lettering is straightforward and usually consists of adhesive vinyl or neon. Other materials are also used such as metal, wood, and plastic.

When it comes to the substrate, which serves as the backing for the lettering, buyers have many choices including materials such as plastic, paper, cloth, vinyl, glass, wood and aluminum.

Here at Signworld we make sure to use the high quality materials in the signs we make for small businesses. These signs are durable and effective while still retaining a great design.

How Signs are Designed

Before buyers purchase a sign for their business it is important that they consider a number of factors to create a sign that is effective and durable. To do this, it is important to consider the visibility of the sign to the potential clients. Factors such as the height of the sign, the lighting used in it and the times of the day the sign will be up can affect how easily the sign can be viewed.

Choosing the Right Sign Company

Among the first things that a small business owner looking for a sign company to choose to design their signs has to do is find one that specializes in making the signs that they desire. Most companies may claim that they specialize in certain signs, they may not in fact be particularly experienced or able at making that type of a sign.


Finding a sign company with experience is important. Here at Signworld, we specialize in all types of signs including monument signs, vehicle wraps, electrical signs, LED message boards, Channel Letters, Acrylic letters, awnings and signs for tradeshows. We are experienced at making all types of signs while maintaing a fast turnaround, high level of execution and with better prices then other sign companies in the area.

Importance of Complying with the ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all businesses (which include any building open to the public) to accommodate the special needs of individuals with disabilities by removing physical and communication barriers. This means that buildings such as hospitals, government buildings, public and private schools, transportation terminals, hotels, restaurants, and manufacturing facilities must meet ADA requirements in terms of signage design and installation.

Here at Signworld, we are extremely familiar with the requirements set out through the ADA and can help adjust the signage and storefront of your business to be in line with the regulations. If you choose to ignore complying with the ADA, keep in mind that all costs that are involved are tax deductible. The government provides various ADA specific tax refunds for businesses.


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