Top 10 Misconceptions About Owning Sign Operations

Top 10 Misconceptions About Owning Sign Operations

When many people are examining business opportunities and think owning sign operations may be a viable venture, they have many misconceptions. As a result, they change their minds or miss out on ways they can make owning sign operations more profitable for their current shop. Rather than be misinformed about owning sign operations, here are 10 common misconceptions.

Each Order Will Be Outdoor Signs

Not true. In fact, over 98% of all signs are indoors. Thus, when owning sign operations, you’ll be working with customers who want new signs for windows and doors month after month.

Forced To Play By Someone Else’s Rules

Again, not true. Once you partner with Signworld in owning sign operations, you can run your sign shop exactly as you want, making owning sign operations fun and easy for you and your staff.

Paying Lots Of Royalties

When owning sign operations, you won’t be paying lots of royalties month after month. Instead, Signworld lets you keep your profits, enabling you to grow your business even more.

An Arts Background Is Necessary

For many sign shop owners, their backgrounds don’t include anything related to arts. Actually, the majority of Signworld partners come to the sign industry with backgrounds in everything from healthcare to construction.

You’ll Need Hundreds Of Customers

While you want to have as many customers as possible, owning sign operations while working with Signworld means that your top 30 customers will likely produce over 80% of your annual gross sales.

You’re In It Alone

When you are owning sign operations and have Signworld as a partner each step of the way, you are definitely not in business by yourself. In fact, you’ll have access to weekly coaching and marketing webinars, giving you the ongoing support to make your business even more successful.

Outsourcing Will Be Necessary

With the most successful sign shops, all of the work is done in-house, rather than outsourced to third-party companies. In doing so, customers will value your shop even more, helping you become more profitable.

It Requires A Huge Investment

Actually, owning sign operations through Signworld doesn’t require millions of dollars to get started. In fact, only $25,000 is needed for various startup expenses such as your website, furniture, travel expenses for training, and more.

No Exclusive Territories

Once you are partnered with Signworld, you can have access to an exclusive territory that will contain at least 3,000 businesses, giving you plenty of potential customers.

You’ll Work 24/7

Actually, owning a sign shop means you can work a standard 9-5 workday, with no nights, weekends, or holidays. Also, you’ll be able to rely on a small staff of dedicated employees, most of whom will be with you for decades.


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