Top 10 Sign Design Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Top 10 Sign Design Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

If you assume creating a sign that is visually appealing, gets your message across to customers easily and effectively, and stands up to the elements when placed outside is easy, it is actually quite complex. While all business owners want signs that look great, they rarely give much thought to their sign design, which always results in many mistakes. To avoid making mistakes that force you to go back to the sign design drawing board, here are the top 10 sign design mistakes we at Signworld suggest you avoid.

Poor Choice Of Colors

In sign design, a poor choice of colors is quite common. Whether it’s the lettering or the sign’s background, have the colors be bright and high-contrast to avoid a sign design disaster.

Uneven Spacing

If letters are not properly spaced or there is too much empty space in your sign design, the result will be a sign that everyone is looking at and wondering what happened.

Too Hard To Read

Should you use the wrong font that is too fancy or maybe too thin for readers to see clearly, you’ll have a sign design that nobody will be able to decipher.

Bad Artwork

Whether you have artwork that is just of poor quality or resembles something you wish it didn’t, this can doom your sign from the start. Therefore, get plenty of feedback from others before approving the final design.

Transfer Problems

Should your sign design have letters or images that get flipped during transfer to the printing software, this may ruin what was otherwise a fantastic design concept.

Poor Installation

From a sign that sags in the middle to other problems, having a poorly-installed sign makes any business look cheap.

Wrong Type Of Material

While cost may be a factor in creating your sign, don’t be so cheap that you use the wrong type of material. For example, acrylic or vinyl may cost more than wood, but it will add years to the longevity of your sign.

Too Big Or Too Small

In some instances, your sign may be too small for everyone to easily see and read. But in other situations, your customers may feel as if your sign dropped down from a planet that was inhabited by giants.

Poor Visibility

When installing a sign, make sure it is not hidden by trees or other things that can obstruct its view from customers.

Not Ready In Time

Finally, always give yourself plenty of time to get your sign in time for a grand opening or whenever it will be needed. Otherwise, you may be trying to throw together a sign at the last minute, meaning it will look less than stellar to say the least.


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