Vinyl Banner Installation and Care Essentials

Vinyl Banner Installation and Care Essentials

Today’s post shares some expert tips for vinyl banner care and installation, courtesy of the Signworld business alliance.

How do I hang my vinyl banner?

Banners can be hung in many different ways.

The easiest and most intuitive method is to thread zip ties, bungee cords, rope, string, or other durable material through the standard grommets that come with your banner, then tie them off to a post, chain link fence, or similarly sturdy anchor.

Take your time and don’t skip over any grommets, as this can place undue stress on those that are used and potentially cause tears.

If you don’t have a fixed anchor feature handy, you might want to use flag poles or rods to display your banner. Unless you’ve custom-ordered a massive banner, you’ll probably want poles sized less than 1.5” as any larger may struggle to fit in the pole pocket. When in doubt, contact a member of the Signworld business alliance.

Your custom banner may also come with a banner stand included.

For L stands, follow these instructions:

  • First, carefully insert the bottom of the banner into the bottom banner frame. Make sure it’s centered and facing the right direction before you go any further.
  • Once you’re sure everything is in order, pinch both sides of the banner frame closed.
  • Repeat the previous two steps for the top side of the banner frame.
  • To set the stand up, locate the base, along with the top and extension poles. 4’ banners use 2 poles; 6’ banners use 3 poles; and 8’ banners use 4 poles.
  • Slide the extension poles into the peg on the base, and keep stacking them vertically until you’ve run out.
  • Once the extension poles have been erected, add the top pole.
  • Now it’s time to add the banner. Do not step on the base, as it may break. With the banner frame in one hand, gently tilt the extension poles towards your banner frame without bending, then hook the pole into the groove in the top frame where it reads insert.

How do I store my vinyl banner?

Any banner produced by a member of the Signworld business alliance will be made to withstand the elements, so seasonal rotations aren’t required. But if you want to store your banner for any other reason, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Roll your vinyl banner with the print side facing out;
  • Do not fold your vinyl banner;
  • Keep banners in a dry, controlled environment at room temperature;
  • Avoid storing banners in hot or humid areas;
  • Do not place any other storage objects on top of the banner.

How do I remove wrinkles from my vinyl banner?

If your banner was shipped or stored, it may be wrinkled. No worries! Simply roll it out in the sun for a few hours and any wrinkles or creases will come right out.

How do I safely wash my vinyl banner?

Warning: strong cleaners can ruin your logo or brand message.

A simple cleaning combo of wet rag and warm water is all you need to keep your banner looking great. Regular wipe-downs will prevent the kind of buildup that calls for stronger cleaners.

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