Vinyl Car Wrap FAQ: Top-7 Questions Answered

Vinyl Car Wrap FAQ: Top-7 Questions Answered

Vinyl vehicle wraps are high-performance mobile marketing assets. Studies have shown that 98% of in-car audiences indicated they noticed truck-side ads. The same study estimated that individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 to 70,000 daily vehicle impressions.

If you’re looking for more information about vinyl vehicle wraps to inform a potential purchase decision, today’s post is for you. Read on to learn the answers to the top-7 most frequently asked questions about vinyl wraps, courtesy of the Signworld team.

Vinyl wrap FAQ: Top-7 frequently asked questions

What is a vinyl car wrap?

A vinyl vehicle wrap is a colored graphic film that can be customized to include almost any text or image imaginable. The vinyl wrap is applied directly to your vehicle by a graphics installer.

Today, vinyl wraps are used most commonly to convert any vehicle into a high-performance mobile advertising asset. Many members of the general public are now wrapping their vehicles to generate passive income.

How long have vinyl wraps been in use?

Vinyl wraps have been effective advertising tools for decades.

The shift from small production vinyl lettering to full vehicle vinyl color wraps began in Germany in 1993 when vinyl manufacturer Kay Premium Marking Films (KPMF) was hired to produce a “paint alternative” that could convert cars into taxis en masse.

At the time, German law required that taxi companies paint their fleets in a government mandated color–beige. KMPF’s vinyl wraps allowed taxi companies to bring a large fleet of vehicles into compliance with German law without impacting the future resale value of the vehicle. Before KMPF wraps were introduced, decommissioned cabs were heavily discounted or had to be completely repainted.

Since then, vinyl wraps have been a welcome addition to the advertising arsenals of various businesses.

What kind of vinyl wrap options are available?

When you work with a Signworld partner, you’re really only limited by your imagination. We offer wraps in a wide variety of colors and texture options, including brushed, carbon fibre, matte, satin, and gloss. You can choose a single color or finish, or layer them for a custom combination. You can also incorporate almost any text, logo, or image into your custom wrap design.

How much do vinyl wraps cost?

The cost of a vinyl wrap ranges from a few hundred dollars for accents to a few thousand dollars for a full standard vehicle wrap. However, the final tally depends entirely on your specific needs and budget. The size of your vehicle, desired coverage, film type, complexity of the processing, and installation will all affect the final price.

We encourage you to contact a Signworld partner near you for a free quote.

How long do vinyl vehicle wraps last?

With proper maintenance, vinyl vehicle wraps can last from 5 to 7 years. The type of finish and storage conditions may affect the lifespan of your wrap.

Will removing the vehicle wrap damage my vehicle’s paint job?

When properly used, installed, maintained, and removed, Signworld vinyl wraps should never damage the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) paint finish.

How do I take care of my vinyl vehicle wrap?

Maintaining your wrap will help preserve its appearance and make for easier removal once you’re ready for something new. Car wraps can be hand washed or taken through standard brushless car washes. Hand waxing is also recommended. But avoid any abrasive scrub brushing or harsh chemical cleaners at all costs!

For a complete rundown of vinyl wrap maintenance, contact a Signworld partner near you.


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